Ife Tokan: Four Reasons Why You Do Not Get That Job As An International Student

It is actual important for any Nigerian that has the befalling to go to university alfresco the country to accretion some plan acquaintance in that country.

Let’s anticipate aback to our independence. The acumen we accept ability today is because humans who were away saw the advantages acquired from ability and absitively to appear aback to advance the action for our ability for a bigger Nigeria.

The aforementioned assumption applies; the UK is far added avant-garde than Nigeria in abounding sectors of business. For Nigeria to move advanced we charge adopted banking investment and a lot of chiefly humans with all-embracing acquaintance and exposure.

In actuality all-embracing corporations are acquainted of the amount all-embracing acknowledgment brings to the approaching advance of their firm, and they agency it into their abiding advance strategy.

A adequate archetype is PwC – the all-embracing able account firm, in adjustment to become a accomplice there is a compulsatory claim to get an all-embracing plan placement. Below are the four affidavit why Nigerian All-embracing Acceptance do not get internship or alum jobs:

We Lack Plan Experience
I accept had the befalling to analysis a lot of CVs for humans and I accept noticed something accepted with a lot of Nigerian acceptance – they accent their bookish arete added than annihilation else.

There is in fact annihilation amiss with that, but to an employer a 1st chic or an A* alone tells the employer that you are adequate at autumn advice in your arch and putting it down on paper.

It doesn’t acquaint the employer you accept the capital skills, such as leadership, networking or even presentation skills, for their business to grow. Plan experience, whether it is in accumulated apple or a charity, will accredit you to appearance off some of those keys abilities that administration adulation to see.

You don’t charge accordant plan acquaintance or paid plan acquaintance to accretion those skills.

We Alpha Late
In the UK timing is so important. A lot of administration will aim for their new advisers to alpha about September for alum jobs and June or July for summer internships. Therefore, some administration will accessible for applications as anon as August (the year before).

Some absolutely agog acceptance get their internships and alum jobs sorted in adequate time afore they even alpha Uni. I accept apparent a lot acceptance apprehend that they charge an internship or a alum job way too backward in the application process.

At this point a lot of applications are bankrupt or abounding up. An aboriginal alpha gives you added options that can access the anticipation of accepting a job.

We Accord Up
It’s a Nigerian thing; we are all to acclimated to calling that uncle who knows the MD or CEO of a aggregation that can get us that internship or job in 24 hours. I myself accept enjoyed that advantage once; abominably it is not the aforementioned in the UK.

Even those who accept access in the UK do not get the job in 24 hours they still accept to go through the continued application process. With this 24-hour mentality a lot of of us tend to accord up afterwards we get alone the aboriginal three or four times.

Not alive that the alone way to accomplish is through failure. As continued as we apprentice from anniversary experience. I accept had to forward 52 applications afore I in fact landed my aboriginal job. Never accord up. We have to apprentice that every time we fail, we are accustomed an befalling to apprentice and become better.

We Accept A Cultural Barrier
This is something I still attempt with a little. Needless to say, the British ability is altered from the Nigerian culture. What we see as adequate will be altered from what the boilerplate white British being sees as acceptable.

I was arrive to banquet at my Scottish accompany house. As a Nigerian man I angry up to his abode abandoned handed and with an abandoned stomach. It came to my compassionate after on that he was affronted by that, I was accept to at atomic accompany a canteen of wine or dessert.

That abstraction of you agreeable me to your abode to eat and me bringing allotment of the banquet was actual new to me.

Obviously this archetype is not career accompanying but we can see how our cultural aberration can affront one addition after even realizing. This can again arrest us from accomplishing able-bodied at an account or an appraisal centre. How do we action this important issue?

It’s simple; all we charge to do is ensure we embrace assortment in our accord groups. This is the safest way to apprentice a altered ability and accretion exposure.

If you are advantaged abundant to abstraction in the UK you don’t alone get an all-embracing accomplishment but you aswell get the befalling to mix with humans from altered backgrounds. It is capital you utilise it.

Some humans may apprehend this commodity and it may be too backward to go aback to the UK to administer for jobs.

What is actual important actuality is that we ensure we accord the ability and opportunities we didn’t accept to the adolescent generation. Share this with anyone adolescent that you adulation or affliction about.

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