Surpasses From The Antonov Victories Big With Durban Global Motion Picture

Surpasses from the antonov big victories at the 36th Durban global motion picture, using house each Greatest Documentary along with the liberty regarding phrase award.

This beneficial written is a special event with the men and women from the Blue Nile and also Nuba Mountain tops throughout Sudan, whom struggled with while using the Southern region pertaining to self-sufficiency yet at this point continue being cornered in the civil warfare from the North.

The court accorded Surpasses in the Antonov R25 000 for Greatest Documented “for it is history, figures, relevance and also image interpretation, ” and also for any “story informed together with elegance, though honouring this honesty in the those who provided these access in addition to the subject theme. ”.

The particular court pertaining to Arterial Network’s Artwatch Photography equipment Honor pertaining to flexibility of phrase, which posesss a income treasure of R15 000, included.

“This compelling film shows how the power of music, dancing and culture sustains the displaced people living in the remote war-ravaged areas of Southern Sudan.”

City Press similarly hailed Beats of the Antonov as “the must-see film at the Durban International Film Festival this year.”

Scoring the documentary 9/10, reviewer Charl Blignaut said the "truly extraordinary film dances a line between cultural expression and an exploration of identity in a pure, textured and impossibly complex Fanonian sense… Beats of the Antonov is the purest kind of cinema.

One man and a camera that unpeels a story of the unmakings and makings of identity through cultural production, one where the musician and the audience is unseparated, where music is able to express both lament and healing.”

The documentary also re-opened debate over the South African government’s decision to allow Sudan’s current president, Omar al-Bashir, to leave South Africa last month, flouting a court order and international convention.

As Tymon Smith wrote in his festival review in The Times, the “excellent Beats of the Antonov… got tongues wagging.”

As the headline of a Sunday Tribune op-ed said, “Zuma needs to see his Sudan documentary,” which positions the civil war in Sudan as a racist war driven by an anti-black notion of Arabisation.

"Omar al-Bashir, who is by all counts a black African, chooses to identify mainly as Arabic-Islamic,” hajooj told The Financial Mail.

"This is not an issue until he, and previous Sudanese governments, impose this, at gunpoint, as a national identity on the rest of the 56 major ethnic groups that make up Sudan.

This one-dimensional Sudanese identity creates marginalised second-and third-class citizens and an endless state of war in Sudan."

Beats of the Antonov has charmed audiences around the world, winning The People’s Choice Documentary Award at The Toronto International Film Festival and four other international awards.

Sudanese filmmaker hajooj kuka directed and shot the documentary over two years, at immense personal risk.

He also produced alongside South African Steven Markovitz, as a coproduction between Sudanese production company Refugee Club and South African company Big World Cinema.

 South African Khalid Shamis edited the documentary with hajooj in Cape Town.

What people are saying:
"I was quite wrong about where Beats of the Antonov would take me… Despite its vicious political plot, Beats of the Antonov is a story of triumph.

The very thing that the dominant regime wishes to stamp out – black African identity – is what saves these people from complete desolation.

By gathering to make music in local languages, and pass on these cultural practices to a new generation, they sing their identity into being: a defeat of the Bashir project.” Binwe Adebayo, CityPress

"Every now and then, it seems as if there is nothing new out there. Everything seems derivative, repetitive or just plain bland.

As a filmmaker, I sometimes go through moments of extreme lack of inspiration; and even question my choice of career.

And then an unexpected spark happens to light the way. Surpasses of the Antonov… is a really spark…

Kuka paints a beautiful photo associated with tunes, warfare and id from the Orange Earth and Nuba regions, plus the picture is as opposed to anything We have at any time seen…

Surpasses of the Antonov and its particular infectious tunes stayed at with me at night with regard to days and nights soon after watching it…

With additional shows similar to this originating from Africa directors, we're able to end up being witness to the beginning of the latest cannon associated with Africa picture. ” Dylan Vly, Cameras Is often a State

‘’Beats of the Antonov is a correct standout…’’ Wide variety

“Uniquely captivating… detects the latest, truly interesting standpoint from where to explore a new difficult situation…

Profoundly particular but also far informative report of an predicament that a lot of associated with think we realize nevertheless don’t absolutely understand. ” Darkness & Behave upon Indiewire

“Equal components war-documentary and image ethnomusicology project… a new nuanced portrayal associated with cultural id, the actual trauma associated with city warfare, and what exactly it means to become Sudanese nowadays. ” OkayAfrica

“A brilliant photo associated with traditions and id with periods associated with war… As you move the warfare dictates the actual rhythm of their lifestyles, the actual resilience of the local community – and his or her tunes making – lights as a result of. ” The actual Day-to-day Vox.
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