A Father, Turned On By His Sons’ Love-Life!

Nearing 50, Victor had thought his sex life was normal for his age.

Married for 22 years to his childhood sweetheart and mother of his four children, sex had been a once-a-week exercise and the wife wasn’t complaining.

I guess she was grateful for whatever peace and quiet she could get in the night after a hand day’s work and the stress of looking after four boisterous children, three of them boys.

But all that changed some few months ago. Victor has always looked after himself and is as fit as any man in his age group if not fitter.

He’s had the odd affair too, but had always run back home whenever things looked like getting out of hand. Then, all of  a sudden, his love-life was back with a bang. What happened?

“You wouldn’t believe what happened to beat the viagra!”, he chuckled. “As you well know, it’s our last child that is female. As soon as the children hit their teens, we’d encouraged them to be very open about sex.

We’ve answered their questions directly and honestly, and though we didn’t flaunt nudity, everyone occasionally sees everyone else in the nude.

My boys and myself have all seen each other naked hundreds of times – and they all have handsome, average size organs and I am grateful for that. What triggered off my `problem’ happened with my middle son, Mike who is 19.

I came home early one day and when I walked by the room that Mike shared with his elder brother, I saw that the door was open.  I looked in, intending to have a chat when I saw him lying on the bed naked, masturbating.

He was engrossed in a soft porn movie and didn’t hear or see me. The size of him was a surprise now that it was erect – much larger than I’d seen on him.

I was still mesmerized by what I was witnessing, when he had an orgasm – and it was a powerful one! Then he noticed me standing in the doorway.  “My first words to him were: `that must have felt pretty good’. He was so embarrassed I really felt sorry for him.

I went over and sat on his bed and handed him some tissue to clean himself up. I told him not to worry, that what he did was perfectly normal and that every male did it.  I did warn him that the next time, he should close the bedroom door because of his sister.

“The incident happened months back and I’m sure that Mike has practically forgotten all about it.  Unfortunately, I haven’t. Every time I look at him, my own son, I think of his muscular body lying on the bed, masturbating and I get so aroused thinking about this that I have an almost instant erection.

Naturally, it is my wife that I reach for whenever this happens.  In fact, she recently told me that I have been hornier lately and that we have had more sex in the past few months than we’ve had since we were first married.

She was exaggerating of course, but I can’t tell her that whenever we are making love, I am thinking about Mike. I fantasise that my bits are as good as my son’s.

“A few weeks ago, I came home early again, and this time, Mike’s door was locked.  To my shame, I peeped through the keyhole. I was excitedly anticipating catching Mike at it again.  But it wasn’t him I saw on the bed – it was his elder brother and he was making love to a girl I’d never seen with him.

My eyes were on stalk as I watched them at it. My goodness. These youngsters were more adventurous than I was at their age! Barely in his twenties, I couldn’t believe my son’s prowess.

Did he get the experience watching porn like his brother? Or did that experienced-looking partner of his teach him all these tricks?

“That night, I pounced on my wife again. She was not complaining, mind you and she’s started to spruce herself up more. She thinks my increased libido is down to her looks. If only she knew.

I feel a bit mean not being able to share the secret in my sudden increased excitement in sex with my wife. She would probably have a fit if she knew. But I’ve never felt better – the sex is doing me a world of good and is the consolation that I’m far from being a once-a-week man!”

I told Victor this was the first time I’d heard anything as weird as the experience he was gleefully revealing.  I told him he was living in fantasy land if he thought his sons were not already aware of his obsession with their sex life.

That it was unlikely Mike would have forgotten the masturbation incident. How did he think the poor kid felt at being disturbed by his father while engaged in what was an essentially `private activity’.

And for the dad to even participate in cleaning him up? If he knew what was good for him, he had better stop snooping round his sons and get his kick somewhere else.

He assured me he was already planning to stop before it turned into a family embarrassment, but would he?’

It’s been observed that father-son incest feelings are by no means unheard of – though it’s not as common as that of father-daughter incest.

A son’s burgeoning adolescent reminds a father of how he used to be and brings back days of his sexual escapades enough for him to delude himself he hasn’t ‘lost the touch’, that as a matter of fact, he could be as randy as his son, if not randier!  I warned Victor he might need to look for other methods of arousal besides his sons.  Could he ‘re-awaken’ this in his wife may be? (Vanguard)

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