Adamawa Lawmakers Are Committed To The Change Mantra For The Development Of State

An exclusive interview with the chairman committee on Appropriation Budget and Planning of the Adamawa state House of Assembly, Honourable Abdulrahaman Abubakar Isa, who is also the chairman of the integrity group in the flow of the House and stands in for the people of Mubi South in the state legislative.

He discussed with our correspondent in Yola,TOM GARBA on many issues ranging on how the House is united to support the present Government to transform Adamawa state. The Bills is projecting to uplift the standard of Education, bills when pass to law will shape up road and maintenance agency of the state, His plans for the people of Mubi south in this present Government and many others excerpts.

QFT: Can I meet you sir?

AFA: Yeah my names are Abdulrahaman Abubakar Isa, Member representing the good people of Mubi South in Adamawa state House of Assembly. I chair a committee on Appropriation, Budget and Planning. Also I am the chairman that is over seeing a group known as integrity group.

It might interest you to know that, Before becoming a lawmaker in this Honourable House I work as a legislative aid to the Former member presented the Mubi North/Mubi South, the Senator represented the Northern zone who is the present Governor of Adamawa state, Senator Mohammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow in the National Assembly.

QFT: Your few Months stay in office people begin to notice your vibrancy in the House. What exactly do you intend to do for your constituency and the state at large?

AFA: What I am doing or trying to do is exactly what my people are yearning for, they yearn for change and I am for change. My people send me to work for them, in working I mean to defend their constitutional rights and Mandates.

I share the little money i have to reduce the stricken poverty that has being ravaging our people, you See my Brother I am here for a primary assignment to effects law that will change and help my people economically, physically, Morally and even socially.

They will also have to understand that the main job of a law maker is law creation and to some extend check mate the executive with our over sight functions.

QFT: We all know that there is not much money given to you any constitutional projects for the simple fact that Government is not yet settled down, but you recently commissioned some projects in your constituency why going this far?

AFA: I am an experienced Man in the issue of legislation, haven worked as an aid to three law makers in the national Assembly including the present Governor of Adamawa state.

You need to be close to your constituency-the people who voted you into power and I discovered what our people want from the Government of Nigeria is social security, they lack social amenities as such in my own little effort I am constructing hand Pumps water bore holes in some communities, given little financial incentives most especially to those aspiring for something meaningful.

General I am a giver by nature, I can't stop given no matter what, its in my blood to give I can go hungry for somebody to eat and I don't give it damn on what other will say or think. Eighty percent of all I have or I will still have goes to my community and the remaining to myself and family.

QFT: In four years to come what kind of Bills do you foresee to be passing?

AFA: I intend to create a Bill for the Adamawa state Road Maintenance Agency. You can agree with me good roads within the knocks and crannies our State can create wealth for our people, when our towns and villages are accessible with good roads it will boost economic activities by even wooing investors into the state which will no doubt generate revenue for the state.

I also intends to amends the laws that governs how revenue is generated in the state, the state has low income in terms of internally generated revenue and the way the revenue formula is shared it has to be revisited so that the state can begin to generate high revenue.

I even discovered the treasury unit is not working I am will try my best to see that is working, I believe if is working that alone can enhance our internally generated revenue ( IGR) in the state.

I want to delve into education not to create law Per ce but to have a sort of scholarship that will help the less privilege to have good education.

QFT: You belong to the integrity group in the House and you even over seeing their affairs, does it mean that you will be check mating your colleagues?

AFA: In fact I will be check mating myself because I will always make sure that i am in the right standing order. And for my colleagues not really to be checkmating them but I will make sure I give them the right advice on any critical issues before they can run into the shadow of troubles.

By the virtue of my position in the House as the chairman that heads the committee on appropriation budget and planning,I have the constitutional powers to see that the finances of the state is in order and it will be a matter of religion to adhere to the core values of doing it the right way in all matters that has to do with budget and planning.

Adamawa state is afraid of due process, probably because some people have done some shoddy deals not wanting to expose their shameful acts, take from me due process must be daily followed in order to have a successful Government in this state.

QFT: Sir Can just describe the relationship between the state legislature and the state Executive

AFA: Honestly is very very cordial, the reason a times you see disagreement in the three tier of Government i.e the executives ,legislative and judiciary is interference from either the executive to legislatures or judiciary which the three tier suppose to be independent working without any form of interference.

Another thing is the formation of this present administration, the Governor is new in terms of executive duties though with wealth of experience in legislative matters while most of our lawmakers are new in terms of making laws.

Generally I Will say in all and all we are having a corporate synergy to totally change the state for good. Most of us are from APC with our change slogan, believe you me all the members in the House are for change to develop our state.

(The Nigerian voice)

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