“Fani-kayode’s Ex-Wife, Yemisi Wada And Her Drama”

Mrs. Yemisi Wada, is 50, born with silver spoon, daughter of Justice Bayo Adeniji, is not new to controversies. She attended Buckingham University in the UK, and later called to the Nigerian bar in 1990.

First, there was a bitter struggle between her and Dahiru Wada’s first wife where she drove the first wife out of the home and took over the house with her three children. Then she had a dirty fight with Mo Abudu where she alleged that Mo embezzled Lagos State public funds.

She had been at daggers drawn with Mo Abudu and Wada’s ex wife. While ex Mrs Wada blames Yemisi for wrecking her marriage after she exited the home of Femi Fani Kayode, amidst controversy of her alleged infidelity, she accused Mo of hijacking her idea of an NGO, and the issue of Lagos funds.

The latest of the mother of five’s many controversies is her fight with her former husband, Fani-Kayode.

It seems the end of the drama around Yemisi Wada is not yet in sight as new revelations has emerged that she is having a serious love relationship with a young man by the name Ifeanyi Onuoha and also sleeps around with young boys within the Movie industry, behind her 63 year old husband, Dahiru Wada’s back

According to investigations by Cabletimes, One of her casts, Wole Ojo allegedly dated her for several months. She even gave him a major role in her movie “LasGidiCops Serious Crime Units”. She fell for Wole Ojo when she discovered he is endowed with a big manhood.

Yemisi keeps a company of big girls later broke up with Wole Ojo due to some financial disagreements. . Although she is married, she continues to allegedly step out for pleasure and give her favorites movie roles and monetary inducements.

Her present boyfriend, Ifeanyi Onuoha , is currently living a baby boy life as she provides virtually everything for him. She has bought him a car and rented an apartment for him. She is so madly in love with him as she says he satisfies her in all ways. He doesn’t mind the fact that she is married and enjoys the little time she gives him.

He claims he is in love with her and can do anything for her. She gives him all he wants and he makes her happy. She confided in him that her husband sleeps off during sex in bed due to his alcohol addiction.

“According to her, her hubby is awful in bed and that if not for the financial support he gives her, she would have left him long ago. She always mocks her husband when she is with Ifeanyi.” A source alleged .

“Ifeanyi Onuoha appears to be truly in love with her as she showers him with so much care and affection. Most times when Yemisi makes love with Ifeanyi and her husband, Dahiru Wada is calling her on the phone, they will both be mocking him. Yemisi has turned her husband to a complete moron.” Another source said

Worried why all these sacrileges were emanating from a society lady like Yemisi, who portrays herself as moral icon, evidences from an old friend of hers revealed that the s★xual excesses of Yemisi did not happen by accident, it was part of the inheritance she got from her biological mother Patience Adeniji (Nee) Aganga, who is the older sister to the former Minister of Trade and Investment – OlusegunAganga.

Family sources hinted that Yemisi’s father, Justice Bayo Adeniji ,has been kept out of circulation over the years. Justice Adeniji is alleged to have become a recluse rotting away in the antique of his own house and none of his friends are allowed to see him?

The only person that sees him is his wife, Yemisi and the nurse they brought in from their village in Edo state and he is in such a pathetic state that the man cannot recognize anybody and has completely lost his memory.

Said a family source “ He cannot clean himself up after using the toilet. He cannot move out of the bed. . Yet they refuse to fly him abroad to get the best medical care. All this was caused by the fact that he caught his wife Patience having s★x with his driver a few years ago and the man had an instant heart attack which he never recovered from up till today”.

After that, he allegedly contracted Parkinson’s Disease and has been locked up in the antique of his own house ever since. That is where Yemisi learnt her trade.

Meanwhile, Ifeanyi Onuoha has sworn to defend her honor no matter what. Yemisi also has a string of boys she connects with from social media

When Ifeanyi Onuoha was contacted, he angrily shouted “Why will people be noising around into other people’s private lives? What I do with my private life is my business as long as its consensual. What is between Yemisi and I has nothing to do with anybody.Please leave me alone. Stupid people.”

Wole Ojo however denied having a sexual relationship with Yemisi Wada, he exclaimed saying: “It is a lie, I was not dating or sleeping with her. She was my boss. She was paying me for the jobs I was doing with her. I was not sleeping with her. She hired me for the job to produce the movie.”

We also contacted Nike Animashaun about the allegation of her sleeping with with Wole Ojo and she dropped the call. When we called back immediately after, it was a man who answered the call on her behalf and he said “Nike Animashaun does not know Yemisi Wada or WoleOjo saying they don’t want any scandal. “

They also asked for the publisher’s number with a view to kill the story. The phone number of Yemisi is out of coverage so could not be reached.

(The Nigerian voice)

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