PDP Wrecked House: Gov Okowa's Despotic Leadership And The Suspension Of Uvwie Lga Chairman, Henry Baro.

Gov Ifeanyi Okowa, from day one, did not hide his crude character and despotic leadership style. His first official assignment as care-taker governor of the state was to promptly terminate the appointment of over 3,000 workers who were legitimately screened and employment by the Uduaghan's administration.

Okowa as it were, promised Deltans PROSPERITY during his campaign tour of the state but suddenly adopted the JAMES BOND character. He is full of negative surprises and very hardened.

Prominent Deltans and notable stakeholders prevailed on him to have a rethink over the sack of the 3,000 innocent Deltans but the EKWEME of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Horror bluntly refused.

Okowa's conduct since assumption of office has been militant in mature than that of a politician who ought to harken to the demand of the majority of the people of Delta State.

The local definition of politics is: "Government of the People, for the People and by the People" which imply that those in leadership position are mere servants of the people who elected them. But alas, Okowa and the PDP are an exception to this age long principle of democratic governance.

The latest gross misconduct of the Okowa's administration is the suspension without fair hearing of the democratically elected (so to speak) of the Executive Chairman of Uvwie Local Government Area, Chief Henry Baro over the internal crisis between two factions of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) struggling for supremacy and leadership positions in the LGA.

Reliable sources revealed that the union fracas was sponsored and funded by some key PDP Chieftains with the backing of the Governor. The source added that Uvwie LGA Chairman, Henry Baro stepped on some toes in the Okowa's camp hence the powers at the Unity House promptly approved and instructed Speaker Igbuya to suspend him.

Hon Baro should know that the EKWEME is now in charge and must face the music as one of the loyalists of Gov. Uduaghan, the source added. It is on record that Okowa hated Dr. Uduaghan with perfect hatred and he is extending this senseless hate to Uduaghan's loyalists including Baro.

By fair hearing and principles of Audi alteram partem (or audiatur et altera pars), it is meant "listen to the other side", or "let the other side be heard as well". It is the principle that no person should be judged without a fair hearing in which each party is given the opportunity to respond to the evidence against them.

This age long legal principle was jettisoned by the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Monday Igbuya while handling the issues in Uvwie LGA and therefore wrongly suspended Hon. Baro.

As the head of the law making body for the State, Speaker Igbuya since assumption of office had demonstrated that he is only occupying that position to do the bidding of his boss, Gov Ifeanyi Okowa and not to lead via the instrumentality of the rule of law.

It is sad that the House of Assembly in a twinkle of an eye could suspend a democratically elected LGA Chairman without recourse to the rule of law.

It is also sad that Gov. Okowa could give approval for the suspension of Hon. Baro without first calling a stakeholders meeting and possibly constitute a panel of inquiry into the Uvwie Motor Park crisis before taking further drastic actions. This defect has revealed that Okowa is a despotic leader and does not practice what he preaches.

It is therefore very important for Gov Okowa and Speaker Igbuya to do the needful by revoking the suspension of Henry Baro and give him the golden opportunity to be heard.

In as much as I am an APC publicist and core loyalist of Olorogun Otega Emerhor, it is out of pain and severe agony I write this piece to express my candid disaffection over the wrong done to Hon Baro.

In the near future, the take over of Delta State by the APC will be total which is why I do not want to support any act of injustice melted on any Deltan irrespective of political affiliations.

Truth is truth and evil is evil. The PDP's evil in Delta State is increasing on a daily basis and Deltans are worst hit by the senseless leadership style of Gov Okowa.

The action of the Governor and Speaker Igbuya is to the extreme which will further amplify the final burial ceremony of PDP in Delta State. Okowa seem to forget that he will not survive the Tribunal cases pending against him. Deltans are waiting patiently to rock his boat once the cookies crumbles.

The sacked 3,000 innocent workers (suffering as a result of Okowa and Uduaghan's fracas) and suspended Hon Henry Baro should be recalled in the interest of justice, equity and good conscience.

At best, let Hon. Baro kneel down with his two hands raised up before Speaker Igbuya and Gov. Okowa. Public disgrace for LGA Chairmen is the new disciplinary measure adopted by the PDP and its leadership in Delta State, therefore Baro should be made to go through what Hon. Odebala went through in the hands of Speaker Igbuya and be recalled.

The 3,000 workers should also be made to kneel down with two hands raised up for Gov Okowa and Speaker Igbuya and be recalled to their jobs. (The Nigerian voice)

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