Trust God And Be Patient

Joyful Homes, this week, discusses patience as a key to breakthrough

Psalm 25 verse 2 states: “ O my God, I trust in You, let me not be ashamed”. This is according to the T.D. Jakes version. King James version puts it this way: “ Those that put their    trust in the Lord shall not be put to shame”.

Do you really trust God? Or, are you waiting because  you have    tried everything    medically possible  and  merely waiting for the sake of it?

Whatever it is, the waiting period is a time to test one’s faith. It is also a time for patience.
Waiting on the Lord is never so easy. The one waiting on the Lord must have total trust in Him.

Men of God  describe the Word of God according to Genesis 1 verse 28, “ Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it “, as a command.

Since it is a command, it must come to fulfillment in your life.

Pastor Samson Ajetunmobi, in a sermon at Harken Unto Me O Lord    ( HUMOL), Magodo, attributed the delay in fruitfulness to three factors, the most important of which is “ the rod of oppression”. In other words, some  people  who should have been fruitful are being oppressed by others for whatever reason. The adversary will do everything to stop human beings from  having children.

The essence of patience-

Patience is a virtue which everyone trusting God for anything must have. A woman, while    giving her testimony at Laughter Foundation, said she was married but her marriage crashed as a result of impatience brought about by the pressure on her husband. She remarried in 2013 and, in 2015,  became not mother. Not just a mother but a mother of twins. So why didn’t she have babies in her first marriage?

According to her, doctors attributed her     inability to make babies  to “ anxiety”. Anyone who fails to be patient may end up becoming a patient. Why? She could develop high blood pressure or some other ailments as a result of anxiety.

Provocation– This is an issue that anyone trusting God for the fruit of the womb must      learn to ignore. Provocation can be from anyone, related by blood or not.
There was the case of two neighbours living in a block of flats.

Mrs. A had children and Mrs. B had none.  Anytime people greeted  Mrs. B asking after her children,  Mrs. A. was always quick to inform such people that Mrs. B had  none.  While this continued, Mrs. B remained prayerful and learnt to keep her neighbor at arms length.

After about 15 years, a breakthrough came for Mrs. B and her husband: God blessed them with  a baby boy.

Barely two years after, they had a set of twins.  God turned their situation around. It was now the turn of Mrs. A. to envy her neighbour. Though she had three daughters, she was under pressure to have a son.

The point here is that anyone waiting on the Lord should expect provocation from any quarters. The important thing is that God should give the grace to overcome such provocation. Again, the key is patience.

Are you regularly provoked because of your situation?

Simply avoid such people or gatherings.

More importantly, when you feel lonely, cry on the Lord.

Let me encourage you with the words of Pastor J.T. Kalejaye, “ Your mockers will soon bow to your maker”.

As recorded in 1 Samuel, Hannah was provoked sore by her rival, Peninnah . What did Hannah do? According to the holy Bible, “ Hannah prayed to the Lord and wept “.Then she added a vow.

The story of Hannah remains one that is still relevant for couples trusting God for the fruit of the womb.

Be steadfast in prayer.  Look unto God.

God never fails

If medical science has failed you, God can never fail.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, while preaching at the Redemption Camp, spoke of a woman that the doctors said their investigation showed that her womb had stuck together and, as such, could not carry babies.

She didn’t give up, she took a decision to return to her Maker.

According to Pastor Adeboye, the woman took the doctorsreport to the altar of her church and, like Hannah, cried unto the Lord.

She probably did this at a time the auditorium was quiet.

The good news is that, this same woman soon became a mother of twins. The truth is that when we think God is coming late, he is working on your big testimony.

Pastor T.D.Jakes, in his sermon, “Letting Go”, stated: “Our faith teaches us to trust God.    He doesn’t change but his methods of ministering to you will change over and over again. Do not worry. He will give you what you need”.

Twins arrive at last.

Let me conclude this article with a testimony of Sister T. She had been married for over 10 years without children. The husband bowed to pressure and went to marry another      woman in one of the South-South states.

Consequently, he stopped providing for Sister T. He starved her but fellow Christians supported her.

She was mocked and maltreated, but she stuck to her God. She continued to pray and serve the Lord.

God had mercy on her and, now, she has a set of twins;    a    boy and a girl. We must always remember that whatever    is the challenge we face in life, God is able to set us free.

Have you given up?    Please don’t!. God has not forgotten you.

Always bear in mind that God that remembered Sarah, Hannah    and Rebecca is    still on the throne.

Be cheerful in your spirit, trust God.

Your Samuel is on the way. God will surely make you laugh. (Vanguard)
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