Be sure We (God) shall test you with something of fear and hunger,some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil),but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere;Who say,when afflicted with calamity:

To Allah we belong,and to Him is our return-They are those on whom (descend) blessings from Allah,and mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance'-Quran 2:155-157.

You may be thinking whether I'm about to preach to you and so you will be feeling reluctant to read this short article but far from that,but these verses are relevant to the topic.

I have a chronic stomach ulcer for about four years now and this makes me restless sometimes,but anytime I see on television the poor health condition of some people sometimes seeking for financial assistance to undergo treatment,then I realise how lucky I am.In my case if I don't tell you I have ulcer you wouldn't know unless you have endoscopic eyes.

I have realised how much I should be grateful to God because I wouldn't exchange my ulcer for a hole in a heart,neither will I exchange it for a cancer of any kind.

If you've been monitoring news on television recently,you would have heard of some squatters in Accra lodging in an area housing an Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) transformer.

These are people who do not have the finances to rent a room to live in unlike you and I.Some of us even have extra-rooms (garage) for our cars.

Just imagine how these people will cope during a downpour not to talk about the high risk of getting electrocuted.These are humanbeings like you and I trying to make a living,also made in the image of God.

Everybody is going through difficulty one way or the other whether you are rich or poor.And if you think because you have so much money you don't go through any difficulty, you will still die anyway.So remember in the time of your challanges or calamity that pain is temporary,but glory is forever.

I conclude by quoting a verse in the quran 94-5 which says 'So,verily,with every difficulty,there is a relief',so therefore patience is key to overcoming all our predicaments.

Name:Umar Mbelayim Citizen

(By: By Umar Mbelayim Citizen)
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