Why Nigerians Will Beg Buhari For 2nd Term — Adejare Adegbenro

Businessman cum social commentator, Adejare Adegbero in this interview reviews the first days and actions of President Muhammadu Buhari and affirms that his impact would make a lasting impact on the citizenry. Excerpts:

How can you assess President Muhammadu Buhari’s two months in office?

The government being led by President Muhammadadu Buhari has done remarkably well, given the short time of its existence in office. And the reason I am saying this is very simple but rather complex. People need to understand what is called governance.

When you have a government that means to work for the electorate, the first thing you need to do is to be realistic and to be objective.

By so doing, you need to understand the magnitude of the problem that is on the ground, diagnose it and then you start to apply treatment to it. I will give you an example. It is very easy for people to tag Buhari “Baba Go Slow”. It is very strange and abusive.

You are talking about going into the treatment without knowing the root causes of the ailment. Who do you need to tell you that the system in Nigeria is not working? What works in Nigeria? Why don’t you think of the filth, mismanagement and corruption and those who steal?

It even goes beyond that. So, we need to have a reorientation in everything.But he was given a handYes, I know people will be quick to say Buhari was given a hand over note before his inauguration by the previous government so he should hit the ground running. When was it given and what was he given?

Now, another reason I said he has done remarkably well is that we have countries that are not faithful towards our government.

The government like the United States of America is not friendly to us, if it were, there would have been so much assistance of collaborations that could have solved a lot of our national problems. But what happens? Today, they are going to sell this to us, tomorrow they are no more selling to us.

Yet, with this cat and mouse posture, we still maintain diplomatic relationship with them. Then, what can we do?   Is that the reason he is slow in taking actions?

When they say this man is slow, they fail to appreciate the fact that he needs to understand the problem that is on the ground before acting.

In the handover note, what they will tell you, and what he will find in the office after the swearing in at the Eagles Square will be a different ball game entirely. The information he never had before the inauguration, now he has it. The reality is now dawn on him.

He needs to articulate it. And people complain that he has not constituted his cabinet without checking how much he has saved for the country in the process.

Besides, if Mr. President, who we all agree is Mr. Clean and incorruptible, he will need equally clean lieutenants that will compliment his effort at moving the country forward on a clean slate. Do people know that those they are touting to be fit for some positions are not as clean as they think?

Can we attribute his advent age to his slowness?

I do not care about his age. My concern is for Nigeria to work. If the President of Nigeria is to work from the intensive care unit of a hospital, God forbids, and he would give direction on how the country would work, so be it.

I need political maturity, sincerity of purpose and dedication, which, I am convinced, this gentle man Buhari possesses. I am a Nigerian. I don’t want to be described as either a Yoruba, Ibo Hausa or Itsekiri.

I am a Nigerian and I need somebody who feels for Nigeria. And let me tell you one thing, when I see Buhari, I see somebody who feels for Nigeria and who is ready to make the system work in the country. I now understand that Buhari is a man of very few words but great actions. (Vanguard)
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