APC May Fizzle Out Soon, As Acquired Political Deficiency Syndrome Douse Government

In many ways All Progressive Congress, APC party is a Nigerian Political Party at the centre of governance keeping other structured political parties tangential for the moment. Its present situation is so early to have unveiled sectionalism and undue favoritism; though it could be a recalcitrant representative of many such potential upheavals ravaging the Nigerian nation. 

The most irritating is the gullible in the society whose hope lies in religious conviction making the house of worship a place of rapid investment.

There are hard to please ethnic and minority problems all over the country. Realm of occultism and restiveness, Boko-haram in the North, dreaded groups of militants in the south, Biafran Bakassi in the east, Afanifere in the west.

In as much as I see success as a voyage, a journey of discovery, Nelson Mandela saw it as a struggle in his lifetime and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe saw it as a light through which the people see the way.

So were Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, William Gladstone, and Abraham Lincoln. It is a pitiable situation, in post colonial African; comparably Nigeria, there have been few political success stories.

Perhaps it is totally unrealistic to treat the present All Progressive Congress APC Problems in isolation from the general challenge of Nigeria as Acquired political deficiency syndrome floods the nation. In APC Government, it is as if the Hausas and the Yorubas are taking the lead keeping the Igbos at estranged arm’s length.

Barely three months & few days in office, is the rift among the leadership of the party creating sharp divide in the legislative chambers.

It seems as if there are power tussles between the APC senators and the Rep members. The party stake holders, that is to say the three cardinal structures that much claimed to have formed the foundational solid base of APC.

The Buhari led CPC, the Tinubu led ACN, and the Ogbonaya Onu led ANPP and a certain faction of Okorocha led APGA are beclouded with eruptions of disagreement. It is very obvious that Amechi ,Atiku and Tinubu have invested largely in the party ,85% percent of APC henchmen are being mollified with curry flavored appointments and silent political slots which are yet to be made public to the Nigerian people, even as the presidency had promised to release ministerial appointments soon.

The most alarming is the benevolent disreputable people dominating the party. Referring to the Richardson constitution and others’ at the London conference before independence 1960 agreed to avoid domination of any other tribe in appointments and national shares must have been truncated by the recent refutation of Igbos political rights of becoming either the Chief of staff to the presidency or Secretary General of Federation.

However events may have led to dislike the Igbos. They can now understand that their egoistic spirit of aggressiveness and non-submissiveness had made them seen as threat to the Notherners and the Yorubas since independence.

If they can understand that Biafra has been before the emergence of Nigeria as a country then they can begin to re-examine their consciences in the path of Nigeria as a country to build a better home for their generations to be called their home.

Besides what exactly does the party have for Nigerians? Change indeed, Nigerians call obey. What type of recognition does Tinubu want from president Buhari’s Government which has pointed all fingers at him as the root cause of APC internal crisis?

It could be recalled that at the inauguration ceremony Tinibu’s wife could not admit a handshake from the senate president as up to 51 numbers of senators where found absent while the cabinet election was going on.

It is also on record that Tinubu/Atiku problems over APC party hierarchy is growing viral if nothing is done on it very quickly the looming catastrophe will sink the party. We all can attest to the fact the APC are made up of same Nigerian politicians and if it is proving beyond doubts that politicians behave alike, then APC will remain a coined name that emerged from the fusion of political parties.

Hence immediate measures must be put in place to correct the wrongs in leadership. The APC political nomenclature must change otherwise the acquired political deficiency syndrome may probably ruin our government.

‘In other words, this rude air of bewilderment is ravaging APC is deeply regrettably affecting the labors of our forebears with the pungent aura of leadership exemplified. Nigerian government is expected to be better soon if we can be treated as equals’.

These are all human made problems deserving human solution to it. Ill-pattern of leadership, injustice and corruption must stop as our no nonsense president is taking it serious to jettison corrupt leaders and had promised to stop impunity at all strata of administration.

Interconnectedly, the parable of governance in Imo state may flaw the aspiration of Gov.Okorocha for contesting the presidency come 2019.The appreciation that any tenure should continue in a political setting lies on the fact that its leadership styles are permissible by the electorates.

In the fullness of time I doubt if Okorocha’s 2019 presidential aspiration could be realizable pending the rumor making rounds that eight years presidential slot cannot elude the North. Should the rumor become truth; I suggest he should be strategizing to haggle for Orlu senatorial seat.

Hence it will be the exact turn of the southerners to assume presidency by 2023 judging by the political layout and calculus.

Then south Eastern Igbos could demand their year 2023 due right to ascend the presidential throne since the collapse of military authoritarianism, 1964-1966 a few months test of mutiny that overturned General Aguiyi Ironsi’s administration notwithstanding the repulsive circumstances surrounding the first ceremonial president of Nigeria Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Without reservations or prejudice, the quest for Igbo presidency is a fundamental right denied them by the South-West Obasanjo’s tenure and the South-South Ebele Jonathan’s tenure.

It is worthy to note that the north has been rotating their presidential slots anxiously right from the onset. It started from Gen. Yakubu Gowon1967-1970, Gen. Murtala Muhammed 1975-1976, Alhaji Shehu shagari, Maj. Gen. Muhammed Buhari, Gen.IBB, Gen. Sani Abacha, Gen. Abdulsalaam, Alhaji Musa Yar’adua & President Buhari. It is expected of the South to follow suit and work it out hardly as they dream to slog it out come 2023.

Also many Southern leaders have started perceiving the test of reality defecting to All Progressive Congress APC. Many are yelling for national feat in the APC party despite its high cost of deal to make 2019 election contestable within the party structure to frustrate Okorocha’s presidential ambition.

Though Okorocha’s statement that APC will remain in power till 2039 may be a reality pending the level of zero tolerance of corruption, a summary of change long expected in Nigeria.

Reportedly that Governor Okorocha has blamed poor finances on fraudulent political appointees promising to deal ruthlessly with anybody caught in the act. The bailout fund is expected to be utilized judiciously to pay off bills. Why then are Imo workers dresses in suites, sick, hungry and famished?

The retired permanent secretaries in the state are owed 3 months arrears, Imo civil guards, APC party officials, CGC Staffers and many others perastatals are embittered over promises unfulfilled by this administration.

You see, I belong to the group of realists who believe success is always attainable; but its requisites must first be met. It is all about the accumulation of good deeds, doing one good thing at a time.

It may involve strategic planning, resolute vision, time management, networking and fulfilled promises. There is nothing so mysterious about success rather to anchor our faith on one of my favorite Bible verses, Phil. 3:14 and match our words with actions.

The reason is that majority of politicians have not mastered the art of politics. I have found out that many political leaders do not know when and how to quit. They lack the ability to address pressing issues as it concerns humanity. They play ‘politricks’ Instead of politics. Hence in the mind of many observers, politics has become a mere talk and dirty joke.

Politics heed not to be a dirty profession as portrayed by ill thinking and mundane practitioners. Political stooges also reason the same way. Fairly it should be a practice in the spirit of public services and great rewards. Politics must not be used as a platform of Abuse to oppress the downtrodden.

Incontrovertibly, the fact that Governor Okorocha of Imo State is working assiduously to upgrade the state to a model status ripe for Business tourism Investments, sports, education, good roads and infrastructural development cannot be over emphasized. Hence there is an emergency need to revamp Imo State Water Board which has remained moribund since the inception of Rescue government.

He should put every effort to pay off all arrears to the month of August to synchronize the policy of prompt payment. It is also of great importance to setup an adhoc committee to legislate over the worrisome state of police training school Nekede, Imo State, which was established almost the same year with the upgraded Oji river police training college Enugu state.

Akabo floor mill is not functioning, just like Nekede oil mill has remained over-grown with bushes and high powered equipments are been vandalized by hoodlums. The case with the former councilors is supposedly due for reparation as the abandoned sets of councilors are still demanding for their due rights to complete their tenure.

The CGC created as the fourth tier of Imo government is not expected to swallow the existing LGC, calling for LGC election to fast-track the dividends of democracy at the rural communities. Our dear Governor is expected to consider the wards, communities, LGAs and the people that voted for his 2nd term bid, pending the payment of the Millions of Naira bonuses promised during the electioneering.

Besides, any house of senate or Assembly dominated by same political party for instance APC in majority in Imo state Assembly will certainly jeopardize the activities of the state. Hence the governor may stand the chance to decide indirectly what happens and whom to penalize or eulogize, thereby making the law makers inactive. This may have caused the recent protest by Imo Assembly workers.

Of a fact the house members owe great debt to pay respective constituencies pending on when the governor approve their salaries. IMHA workers are owed up to 4months salary arrears, judicial service commission 3months and many others so to say.

Lack of working facilities in many offices visited is also a clear indication of impoverished state of the state. There is also unnecessary delay over members’ official vehicles.

A sign post I have just spotted recently written Imo state ‘govternment’ in conjunction with Imo international modern market international along Owerri/Aba Road is supposedly spelled correctly as government, have exposed the level of incapacitation of aides assigned for the job.

Traffic light points need quality over hall and management to relieve traffic congestion in the municipality whereas commuters are to obey traffic rules. Lackadaisical attitudes of Imo workers are attested to be lack of prompt payment.

Street trading is another set-back in this administration. Thank God for Imo my pride project that was recently inaugurated to maintain sanity along the municipality but the singular question is ‘how effective and productive are they?

A situation where traders do what they like at all times peddling market products along the streets and causing high traffic congestion mostly along the major Douglas, Eke onunwa, Tetlow, Royce & wetheral road.

The suspension bridge at number twelve bus stop Nekede linking Nekede –Ihiagwa -Polynek through Westend Bus-stop Owerri has completely collapsed and call for urgent attention to ease traffic along Aba road enroots Fedponek & FUTO communities.

It is laudable those political leaders who serve the global village creditably, can be expecting to be significantly rewarded .Much is yet to be done for us to establish and achieve collective dream of having egalitarian society, flourishing with functional Factories, Industries and Employment so echoed.

Our leaders may be rightly advised to correct the bitter wrongs in government. We need to work on those veritable modalities to sustain a united Nigeria to achieve efficiency of Governance. Hence there is no time to waste in politics because the years ahead fly as the day’s counts.

Our State Governors must reciprocate this gesture to pay off salaries owed to civil servants, and to bring under control the projects embarked upon to salvage their respective states from insolvency considering peace to take precedence over everything else. Again I have spoken!

( Princely Onyenwe )

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