APC USA International Secretariat Reiterates To National Assembly - It's Not A Mistake To Make A Mistake, But It's A Mistake To Repeat The Same Mistake!

Fire on the mountain, run-run-run! The advent of what is transpiring at National Assembly, should to be seen as a learning curve under the new leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Besides, this may not arise again in the history of Nigeria, as “it’s a mistake to repeat same mistake”. We want to trust Nigeria is in the right footing, in a journey keenly followed without remorse or regret – no retreat no surrender! In fact, Nigerians are enjoying the dividend of democracy in 1960 and are proud to be.

In our efforts to understand what is going and keep our membership informed in a timely manner, we decided to contact an in-house learned person, Barrister Solomon Dalung to educate us of the legal implications of this issue with the Senate President, he reckons as follows,” As Ceaser's wife he must live above board.

There was no basis for Saraki to avoid the court session because even if he had a court order it did not preclude him from appearing since it is a criminal trial which requires personal appearance.

In any case if he is challenging the jurisdiction of the court he must appear before raising the objections. I think he was misguided by his counsel which is unfortunate.”

APC USA International Secretariat tried on two occasions to intervene and will continue through Senator Binta Garba and Hon. Dr. Mohammad Sani Abdu. We believe shortly, both of them will keep us posted accordingly, and we will in turn update our entire followership as well as diaspora of the forgoing.

Without wasting time, we call on the APC National Secretariat to keep the society informed of non-connected to the ongoing issues periodically, update the general public. This is a healthy advice to avoid information mismanagement at all times.

Its acclaimed the secretariat is neutral and must categorically state it intermittently and don’t want to be rumbled into this, to avoided negatively towards the party.

The opposition must not be given any opening to use against the party, in a deregulatory manner, as being speculated. These are early warning signs and first responders’ information and opportunities available the secretariat.

APC USA International Secretariat is very much interested in seeing National Assembly issue permanently resolved not later than 90 days from this publication. Nigeria is fast forwarding, the yearnings of the electorate and cannot entertain further distraction.

Furthermore, necessary to express our utmost and sincere gratuities to all Nigerians for their perseverance at this matter. Nigerians, continue to rain showers of prayers to the full commencement of good governance of Nigeria and at ministerial appointments, etc.

Again, a necessity to refresh our memories: It's not a mistake to make a mistake, but it's a mistake to repeat the same mistake, all hands must be on deck, as it is now; to resolve this lingering issue, in avoidance of cracks, serious epidemic infection which may require undiscovered treatment and expensive medication too. The nation needed nothing of such momentarily, Nigeria is peaceful nation and we have come to love it.

Francis John
APC USA International Secretariat

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