Attending Church 24/7 Is Tantamount To Low National Productivity – The Prophet Asamoah-Larbi

Husband to hi-life legend cum dancer Akosua Adjepong has identified one of the factors amongst the lot that is also contributing to the low productivity of Ghana’s economy. He said this in an interview with a reporter of Star Africa Magazine.

It is often said that Ghana is a God fearing country simply because the average Ghanaian attends church. This has made some men of God take advantage to engage their church members in church activities throughout the week (Monday to Sunday).

The most mesmerizing thing about this is these activities commences in the morning and ends in the evening; leaving the average Ghanaian unengaged in their self employed business, private or government owned institutions and companies.

This is exactly what the President of the Worldwide Council of Prophetic Alliance has pointed out to be one of the factors hindering high productivity of Ghana’s economy.

Going further in his explanation, he added that self employed persons and private institutions or companies form an integral part of a nation’s productivity and if these people are to be going to church 7 days a week from morning to evening, then the nation is in a great peril as its productivity will diminish.

“Government alone cannot work efficiently towards high productivity. It needs the efforts of every citizen and if these same citizens are to leave their homes for churches instead of their workplaces, then you do not expect productivity to be high.

Definitely it will fall. There are numerous factors which prevents a nation from achieving its target regarding productivity but here in Ghana, some churches are a part of these factors”

According to the founder of House of God International Prayer Ministries, this act has filled the heads of some church members that if they continuously go to church throughout the week without going to work, heavens will break loose and all their heart desires will be met by God but The Prophet Asamoah-Larbi was very quick to denote that the same Bible that asks us not to refuse the gathering of God’s children also tells us that he who shall not work, neither shall he eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

He recalled instances where policemen who are in their uniforms and are suppose to be on roads directing traffic or report to their respective stations are found at prayer camps during working hours.

Closing in on the subject matter, he advised founders of various churches as well as church leaders to desist from engaging their members in 24/7 church meetings and activities that causes their members not to engage themselves in any form of work as this has also in a way contributed to poverty in some churches.

By: Manuel King (P.R.O. – The Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi)
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