Bright Future Voluntary Organization Seeks Foreign And Citizen Diaspora Volunteers

About Bright Future Voluntary Organization
Church Mission 
Bright Future is a Non profit Organization based in Accra New Town Ghana Iron City Road. It has been established to offer hope and relief to orphans and tge homeless. 

It is existing to offer Shelter and technical Trainings for the underprivileged. It was founded and certified to operate on September 4, 2015. Raphael Nyame is the Founder and key architect of the organization.

He is presently being assisted by Foundation Manager Pastor Albert Smith.

The organization is seeking foreign Volunteers to help out with various charity projects.

We need donations of linens clothing toys books volunteer time food and of course cash. Please kindly help us to enable us touch lives together and make life more meaningful. We are seeking to give new hope to homeless families.

Rev. Every journey begins with only few steps. While our long term goals are to connect the lost souls to God bringing mankind back to their creator and homeless parents with full time employment and establish homeless families.

Bright Future Voluntary Organization has outlined number of short term objectives to be reached in order to make our Bright Future Voluntary Center successful.

We provide safe temporary sehlter for homeless families on the streets and into an environment where they can focus on developing their skills and future goals.

We need Bibles, Spiritual Books, My book of Bible studies for Children etc and help us Provide daily meals for new converts. All families will contribute toward preparing and building. Communal meals will be planned by committees consisting of the family representatives and our Center Coordinator.

Food costs will be covered by grant monies as well as donations from local and foreign grocery stores. Costs of lunch will be covered by food bank donations to individual family’s food stamps and other assistance in a new area of studies.

We aim to provide minimal wardrobe of functional clothing for our families. Our area is blessed with many good thrift stores and consignment stores and our congregation is generous with clothing donations.

Through these various sources we hope to supply our families with clothing with minimum of expense. . Provide analysis of immediate job training needs of homeless parents Each parent will be unique in his or her needs for job training.

We have volunteer vocational analysts who have agreed to analyze needed skills and recommend short term training for each individual. The bright future Organization has outlined number of long term objectives to be reached in order to consider our Bright Future Family Center success.

Each objective is described below. Our goal is to create happy independent families and most important to win soul for God. Our success will be measured by the numbers of families that are able to move from our Center to their own homes.

Help Homeless Parents to Find Full Time Employment If family is to thrive independently one or more likely both parents must find full time employment. At least one parent must attain job with benefits such as health care for the entire family.

To begin the journey toward this goal we will analyze the particular situation of each member of the Church and the community as well. In one case the barrier to good employment may be lack of English skills; in another it may be the need to earn certificate from short term schooling; in another it may be simply lack of job search skills.

We have secured the agreements of variety of local businesses and educational establishments to help in our training efforts as well as the cooperation of local employment agencies that have agreed to assist our residents in finding and training members of the Church to be become Pastor and soul winners.

Help Homeless Families Find Affordable Housing Every Church family wants their own home but not every family can afford to buy their own house. As envisioned our Bright Future Voluntary Organization Center can accommodate up to families or up to maximum of people at time as we have a piece of Land to get this done for the beginning.

This area will be used for three meals day on strict schedule for children's play and study area between meals and for community gathering area in the evenings.

Educational Facilities The salvation community Church Center has Land enough to also start something with, but are in need of furnished with desks or chairs for 24 32 people. We plan to rearrange furniture to create one meeting room with folding chairs one smaller educational room with desks and one recreation room with couches and television But need some help.

The Salvation Community Church Center is ideal for our purposes and can be leased for two years and outfitted for reasonable price. Bright Future Voluntary Organization in collaboration with Salvation Church may choose to add or subtract furniture and other amenities to suit the changing needs for our Family Center.

The following list covers the most commonly asked questions about our proposed Bright Future Voluntary Organization collaboration with the Salvation community Church.

We will take only homeless families who have at least one responsible parent and one to elderly family members. All members of the Church family will be subject to background screening. No family members with felony conviction or history of drug or alcohol problems will be left without a solution.

1.2 Question. Won't the Center cause problems? Answer. The Bright Future Voluntary Organization collaboration with the Salvation community Church will cause no problem either been worship center or issues with anything. This type of residential facility has already been approved by the city and county for it neighborhood. Funding Issues 2.1 Question.

If special needs occur that exceed our grant monies we will appeal to our congregation and the larger community for additional donations. 2.2 Question. How long can you run the Center? Answer. Initially we hope to get donations that will allow us to run the facility for minimum of two years.

Our ability to shift families from the Center to independent living conditions is dependent on the local economy and each family's situation of the Church. We also depend on the goodwill of local merchants and of our congregation. We hope to extend our efforts long into the future but at this time we cannot exactly predict our ability to meet the needs in coming years.

Religion 3.1 Question. Will you accept only homeless families that match your faith. Answer. No. There is no religious test' that potential family must pass. Residents must agree to be tolerant of all beliefs including agnosticism and atheism and not to proselytize within the Center. 3.2 Question.

Will you require Center residents to attend your church or other religious instruction? Answer. No. Bright Future Voluntary is not an evangelical organization. We believe that spirituality is personal and each individual must determine his or her own beliefs.

Everyone who comes in spirit and is of goodwill is welcome in our church and we would be happy to receive our Center residents in our community if they desire to attend. Also we shall be very glad to have a Man of God from your Church Community in the establishment of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has called us into this wonderful Ministry.

As the word of God says. (Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.)

Bright Future Voluntary Organization Accra New Town Ghana Street Iron City.

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