Choosing A Partner: For Business, For Love And For Whatever

One will put to flight a thousand. Two will put to flight ten thousand. So the Bible says. That's an amazing business of ratio and proportion. John Maxwell, arguably the most globally recognized leadership guru, asserts in what he calls the Law of Significance that "one is too small a number to achieve greatness".

He argues that there is no major achievement in history that has ever been chalked by a single person. Every significant accomplishment is always done by partners or an individual supported by a team.

With this backdrop, it is imperative that in the bid to develop, deploy your faculties and grow your potential, you forge partnerships that will enable you make quantum leaps in your field of endeavour. Partnership is a great opportunity.

It is a great strategy to connect and collaborate with people who multiply your capacity and increase your chances of success. But choosing a partner is no light issue. It must be done with utmost care and deliberation.

Whether for business, for love or for whatever, the caliber of partner you choose can make or break you. Napoleon Hill lists marrying the wrong person as part of his 31 reasons why people fail in life.

After several years of leading people and building human relationships, I have identified three parameters that must undergird every process to pick a partner, whether for a love relationship, marriage or business of any kind:

What can the person do? What value proposition do they have to offer? What is their training, skills or abilities? Do they have potential? Can they really make a difference in your life, career, ministry or business that you are partnering with them in?

There is no point in partnering with a zero. It is not prudent to enter a partnership on the platform of affection alone. Liking or loving a prospective partner is important but that affection alone is not enough to make your goals happen. So look deeper.

What is their vision? Where are they going with their lives? Is it in line with yours? Can your individual visions be merged? Are your dreams compatible? Because sundry times you can find someone with the right aptitude but they are going in a different direction from yours. You spotted a great singer in your neighborhood whom you wanted to be a part of the music group you were starting.

You saw the gift but you didn’t stop to consider if they are interested in singing the genre of music you want your group to sing. So in time there is conflict of passions and your other partner begins to slack not because they don’t have the right ability. But because they have a different direction.

When you met her she had always wanted to be a model and you wanted to be pastor but you still chose to stay together. Now there is trouble in the relationship because her career decisions make you uncomfortable. King Solomon said “the prudent man foresees evil and hides himself”. Always think deeply about aspirations; is the person going the same place you are going?

How do they respond to life? How do they relate to opportunities or even disaster? Do they have a team spirit? Do they have what it takes to forge a great partnership or relationship? Can he or she compromise? Can he accept correction? How does she respond to criticism? Is he motivated? How does she relate with others? Are they humble? Do they submit to authority?

Of all the three factors, attitude can be the biggest challenge. Because you can inspire people to dream or you can train and educate them but if they have the wrong attitude, nothing you do can save them. If a person has no drive, it will be difficult to get them to move and get things done. The door to attitudinal change is one that can only be opened from the inside.

There you are, three keys to help you choose the right partner.

The writer Jeremiah Buabeng is a motivational speaker, author and corporate trainer. You can read more of his writings from or contact him at +233 246 88 26 32.

( By: Jeremiah Buabeng )

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