Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa, The Plundered Wealth Of Delta State And Repayment Of Looted N1.3 Trillion Loan

At the federal level, the All Progressives Congress (APC) government within 100 days has shown reasonable signs that it is no longer business as usual by taking bold steps to find and recover stolen wealth of the Nigerian Nation.

President Muhammadu Buhari consulted the United States and other world Economic powers to scrutinise their financial institutions with a view to assisting Nigeria in repatriating stolen funds starched abroad by corrupt public servants especially past leaders and high profile politicians who were either government contractors or senior public servants.

Mr President also inaugurated an anti corruption committee to scan books of accounts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) so as to open up can of worms prelude to arrest and trial of all rogues involved in the looting of our commonwealth.

Governor Adams Oshiomole and his committee members are doing their best to catch the thieves.

News reports in the mass media revealed that some public servants have secretly returned substantial monies carted away from our national treasury.

In the same token some public servants are now selling landed properties acquired with stolen funds so as to return their ill-gotten wealth to the federal government.

The seriousness of the President Buhari's administration to strangulate the monster called corruption is further revealed in its determination to ensure that the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki appeared before the Code of Conduct Tribunal to face the course of Justice. The Senate President was subsequently docked and granted bail.

In Kaduna State, governor Mallam El Rufai in line with FG single account directives as well as flushing out of ghost workers from government payrolls was able to recover N45 billion for the state government within his 100 days in office. Action governor you may say!

The same process is on going in nearly all APC states in compliance with the federal government crusade against official corruption and mismanagement of financial and material resources.

The case is however different in Delta State known to be receiving well over N300 billion annually from the federation account but unfortunately over 50% of the total financial resources of the state find its way into private pockets of the less than 5% PDP cabal.

From 1999 till date past leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State constituted themselves into a cult of looters. One after the other they came, saw and sucked our treasury dry. Our people are jobless, hungry, pale, frustrated hopeless and in acute darkness.

The PDP government in 16 years inflicted socioeconomic pains on Deltans by engaging in massive and reckless looting of financial and material resources, turning the less than 5% of the looting cabal into emergency millionaires and billionaires.

Not only that they sucked the State treasury dry, the PDP rogue cabal also plunged the state into well over N1.3 trillion debt excluding high interest rates at 12.5% per annum. How can a heavily indebted state like Delta bring prosperity?

The first thing to do is to find ways and means of repaying the huge debt so as to give way for prosperity agenda.

Okowa is like a man owing his landlord 10 years rent areas and still boast of buying a mansion at Snake Island almost at the same time. It is either the man is a wicked lair or a professional comedian. That's Okowa for you!

Gov. Okowa have also commenced massive borrowing to satisfy the curiosity of members of the PDP looting cult. Without probing the empty treasury of the State the self acclaimed EKWUEME of PDP election rigging hall of shame decided to add to our sorrows and tears in a crude manner less within100 days in office. Today, we are held bound in huge debt and gasping for socioeconomic freedom.

The PDP heartless looters introduced various economic and poverty alleviation programmes to cart away billions of Naira from the state treasury. Projects like Delta Independent Power Project (IPP) contracted to former Speaker Victor Ochie.

The IPP project consumed billions of Naira from our treasury, monies paid out to Ochei and his men even though the IPP equipment are yet to arrive Nigeria till date. What a heartless group of rogues in government!

The project gulped several billions of Naira for which Hon Ochie and his few friends become overnight billionaires. Ochie is at the moment living like the Prince of Bamuda in Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America." The IPP project had since been abandoned after billions of Naira crawled into local and foreign banks.

The Asaba Airport was another conduit pipe used by the PDP cabal to loot substantial resources of the state. The airport was built at a cost estimated to be well over N280 billion. Okowa is currently spending another N5billion for its upgrade in less than four years. The airport contractor is one of those who bank rolled his campaign in 2015. What a pity!

Renovation and building of New schools gulped over N80 billion along side EDU MARSHAL that is currently crippled. EDU MARSHAL is now a shadow of itself. Money gone into private pockets.

Rather than revive EDU MARSHAL and pay undergraduates and Law School students bursaries, Okowa commenced white elephant renovation and equipment of Technical Schools so as to use the means to loot funds and obtain more loans that can never be fully repaid.

Construction of roads was another avenue used to steal Delta State monies. Today there no good roads in Delta State. Heavy rain washed away the poorly constructed roads within one year and our billions of Naira flew into private pockets.

Renovation and construction of hospitals also removed well over N150 billion from our treasury and today our hospitals are mere consulting clinics. Our money gone into private pockets. There are no drugs in the hospitals. Some of the medical doctors left the service and now working in private hospitals within and outside Nigeria.

Delta Beyond Oil Initiative took over N250 billion from Delta state treasury. The financial empowerment under the programme favoured few petty traders who were constantly shown on our national television.

Of a truth the money the state government spent on media propaganda far exceeded the money given to the poor women who were used ignorantly to steal billions of Naira. The rest is now history.

There are more and more of other projects, coded and uncoded used to suck Delta State treasury dry by the PDP rogues. The rich oil state of Delta is now ranked among the poorest and grossly underdeveloped states in Nigeria.

Looting and high debt profile is the achievement of PDP in 16 years. Oh God save our souls from these greedy PDP rogues!

Private companies were contracted to handle the internally generated revenue (IGR) of the state and billions of Naira were stolen through the back door by officials of the Ministry of Finance, top government officials and the contractors.

The Revenue Board of the state is also bedeviled with monumental corruption. Past chairmen of the board are today millionaires and billionaires respectively.

In all of these, what is caretaker governor Okowa doing to search and recover our stolen wealth? He told his caretaker Commissioners that his administration will not tolerate impunity, corruption and mismanagement of material and financial resources of Delta State. What a lip service in the war again official corruption!

Gov. Okowa's failure to probe any sector, Ministry, Department and Agency within 100 days in office is a clear indication that he is here to expand the looting culture of the PDP spanning 16 years in Delta State. As SSG, Okowa was part of looting as billions of Naira developed wings and flew into foreign banks.

Of course, he got his share of the loot. Today, he is back as caretaker governor to continue from where his predecessors stopped. God have mercy on Delta State!

Okowa has been multiple Commissioner and Secretary to the State Government (SSG). He has been an active player in socioeconomic affairs of Delta State from 1999 till date.

As a Senator, Okowa was still protecting the interest of the rogue cabal which is why the same cabal constituted themselves in 2015 elections to unleash further pains and agony on the peace loving people of Delta State.

The prosperity agenda is not working, hunger and high rate unemployment is staring at us in the face. On top of this, Okowa sacked 3,000 workers from the state workforce. This is anti prosperity leadership style.

As you can see, Olorogun David Edevbie who is also an inner temple member of the cabal is back as Commissioner for Finance. He was also a Commissioner in the State before becoming the Principal Staff Secretary to late President Musa Ya'Adua of blessed memory.

He is a smart manipulator of financial figures. Delta need to be rescued. We must act now! The looting cabal is back again!

With Edevbie as Commissioner for Finance the cabal has finally recycled themselves to unleash hell on our treasury. Okowa will certainly use the State funds to finance his rerun election that will follow after the legal tussle at the tribunal.

What is then the future of the prosperity of Deltans as canvassed by the PDP looters? Your answer is as good as mine! Deltans must unite against their common enemy, the PDP and Okowa.

PDP is Deltans common enemy. Let us join hands together to end suffering and poverty caused by the PDP.

Join the PDP-OKOWA MUST GO advocacy today!

( By: Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, Dr. )

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