Saraki's Trial, A God-Sent Opportunity

A commentator has stated that Bukola Saraki has "given his political party a bloody nose and that such party must not be deprived of the opportunity to wipe off that blood stain"! 

But beyond bloody noses, their purveyors and wipers, it must be stated that as the Tinubu pot calls the Saraki kettle black, and as we point out that two wrongs do not make a right, Nigerians must welcome any opportunity willingly provided by this unremorseful cabal of treasury looters to self-destruct!

The emergence of Saraki as the first politician to be tried is also God-sent. For one, he belongs to the All Peoples Congress, APC, the ruling party. So his trial provides an ample response to the opposition's call for a "non-selective" approach to the probes.

And ordinarily, as the APC apparently does the bidding of the opposition by proceeding with the trial of its own and braces up to jail him for theft of public funds, the opposition party should be satisfied that the process is not selective...

The mischievous bent being the imputations by the same commentators that Saraki is being witch-hunted! And other analysts have duly countered that only witches need fear of being witch-hunted!

Saraki is a "big fish"...another big "coincidence"! So, as his party proceeds to accentuate his trial and the courts brace up to jail him, the ruling party should ordinarily, encounter no problem dispensing similar aliquots of the same medicine to thieving members of the immediate past government who are de facto members of the opposition party.

Thievery is abhorrent and its damaging capabilities know neither religion, profession, tribe nor poverty consequent upon massive looting of treasuries does a telling blow on the vast majority of Nigerians.

Only a thief would grumble and yap that his kinsman is being "selected for persecution" when such townsman is called to answer for his misdeeds!

And as Ilorin people stone Saraki at the prayer grounds on Salah day, they unwittingly say in clear language that they can no longer tolerate pretenders who hide their inequities under the veil of religion.

By the way, why not make these public thieves swear with native deities on inauguration day?

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

( By: Tosin Akindele )
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