The Nigerian Police –“An Instrument Of Perversion And Social Injustice—An Institutional Disgrace’’

It struck my mind to write and publicize this article for the interest of Nigerians living within and outside the country. I also want to use this opportunity to sensitize some of the Nigerian benefactors in other countries of the world on whose hand lies, the training and development of Nigerian police.

To emphasis on the excesses of the Nigeria police within Abia and Imo State of Nigeria alone is to say the least about them.

It is important for the world to know that there is no democracy in Nigeria. As an instrument of perversion of rights of the Nigerian citizens by the Nigerian government, they have aided it’s reduction through diversionary practices, to Local and a quasi-regional force.

Ever since I became adult back in the 70’s, my impression about the Nigerian police has never changed. “The worst public Institution with the reputation of harbouring, aiding and abeting crimes that compromise the integrity and co-operate existence of their own nation”.

I have witnessed successively, the tenures of some Nigerian Inspector General of Police (IGP’s) from Mike Okiro, through Abubakar Mohammed, Suleiman Abba to the present Solomon Araze repeating the same pattern of Administration.

A fundamental question that require reflection before answering is: What is the problem with the Nigerian Police? Why is the autonomy of the police on which, large amount of the nations budgets is expended, abused by it’s so called leaders (the IGP’s)?

And why is it’s autonomy answerable to the recklessness and emotional demand of the president, state governors, and public office holders?

I make bold to say in my assertion as an independent observer that: ‘the vital tool of good Administration, Leadership, Comredness and the follow-ups which the police lack, is the tool of sound education and moral upbringing’’.

Apart from Administrative decapitation of the Nigerian police by the mindless politician and the government, their entire work force and employees are victims of half-education, deficient home grooming and insolvent job training.

These has made them continuously vulnerable to the ills of the Nigerian society. By personal statistics and appraisal, 70% of the personnel of the Nigeria police are Frustrated and school-drops out who went into the police because of lack of means of live hood.

Many were from morally-debilitated and educationally- impoverished homes. Instead of passion, they are driven by frustration to join the force. Some were old criminals rehabilitated by the half-training of the Nigerian police force.

“If ethics is anything to go by, I will classify the entire work force of the Nigerian police especially in Abia and Imo State as “an embarrassment and disgrace to the Nigerian Nation’’.

The divisive activities of this “sect’’ called police formation in Abia represents an “apologetic expression and dimunitive might” of a classless and lawless challantants.

Their activities in Aba attests to their, poorly oriented, mentally inadequate as well as ethically impoverished nature which endears them into gangery, thuggery, criminality, and hulliganism. In the whole wide world, I have not seen where a police patrol van with siren is used as an official instrument of domestic aggression, vendetta and repraisal except in Abia State of Nigeria.

Their activities within and around Aba metropolis is an open expression of their poor literacy, low self-esteemed and inferior composition as a work force. The errand boys of Araze are busy plying the Aba-Owerri Road in Aba, Nigeria with their patrol vehicles fitted with sirens, embarrassing and harassing people at private moments without minding.

If records and history are anything to go by, police activities within Aba metropolis since the last few years should be black- listed as disaster and national embarrassment.

Nigerian police situation has become an anathema where integrity is compromised in place of hulliganism. Till today, policemen still extort money N20 from commuters in every corners of Nigeria roads without minding who is observing them from the vehicles.

What is happening in the Nigerian police is an aberration of professionalisms and an indictment on the moral authority of the mentors. In fact, the likes of Araze the current (I.G.P) and this immediate associates: (AIG’s), (DIG’s) should be held responsible for the under-development Nigeria police force .

The top Echelon of Nigerian police leadership should be re-trained to close the gap created by their deficiency. If ethics still abounds, they should be sacked. They are all irresponsible; “No one gives what he does not have’’. Nigerian policemen, irrespective of their ranks are cheap and easily- induced. They are not proud of who they are, because of lack self respect. They are not

duty-bound to making the necessary sacrifices to defend their country in times of adversity. That is only obtainable in Nigeria.

Elsewhere, well trained, patriotic policemen will not compromise their integrity and will be willing to stake the lives in defence of their country’s constitution and profession.

With the excesses of the Nigerian police in Abia State and Nigeria, I want the world beyond to know that; “The present Nigerian president is sleeping on their excesses with much delight like his predecessors.

With the continuous capitulation of this sitting president, on the internal securities anomallies of Aba, many questions should be raised on his moral justification of curbing corruption in Nigeria. A lot of times, it is even the emotional inadequacies of the president like Buhari that contributes to the limitations of these police officers.

Even when the unity and internal security of his country is threatened, a typical Nigerian president like Buhari will be quick to stamp his authority, to defence of what is morally wrong because of sectional interest.

It is no longer news that in Nigeria, most public institutions like the Nigeria police etc are ironically promoted to become “government puppets’’ and instrument of aggression. The activities and actions of the Nigerian police is been teleguided by the presidency.

By mere verbal utterances, the president have set free habbitual criminals who are security-risks of his country. Like In Nigeria where a sitting president is irresponsible and reckless, the nation will be unendingly threatened with internal disharmony.

Today the Nigeria inspector general of police (Solomon Araze) is “a dummy boy” to the president Buhari like Solomon Abba was to Jonathan and they play to the wish of their masters (commander-in-chief). In the same way, their state commanders are “errand boys’’ to public officers, governors of their states.

They pay unholy allegiance to them in-order to jostle for un-merited promotions. In Abia and Imo state these “errand boys’’ go, beyond their limit to act irresponsibly, wickedly and recklessly in order to protect the varying interest of these state. Sensitive cases are circumvented, abandoned and the criminals involved in these cases are set free without punishment.

Buhari and his associates through the Nigeria police must stop insulting the nation, which they claim to be rebuilding. As far as facts and records are concerned, nothing has changed by his justice system administration.

Until a common man in the Nigeria street begin to feel the pulse of good administration through transparent justice system, the shadows of his ill-administration will still hunt him.

If he was honest, such sincerity should have been extended to the prosecution of some notable criminals in Abia and Imo State who were set free by the police and placed under immunity by his northern interest.

His anti-graft campaign should not be exclusive for high placed career politician but must be extended to various public institutions in the country including the individuals. As lawless as Nigeria is, his changes must be seen in our various neighbourhood and environment.

Does it mean that I and members of my family who are not public office holders cannot be shielded and protected from personal aggression by the Buhari government because of his personal interest? “It is inimical to abuse the people whom you owe protection by your constitutional responsibilities’’.

It is on this premise that I publicly call for the removal of the inspector general of police Solomon Araze as well as his police commanders in Aba zones peter nwagbara and his boys.

They should be replaced with a new zonal commanders who would properly educate their boys: drivers, police personnel’s on the rights of the citizens to privacy and freedom. As far as social vices are concerned, the instrumentality of effective policing cannot be over- looked.

By this information which I pass across today, I challenge the entire Nigeria living within the country to; as a matter of moral obligation, stand up for their rights and challenge the members of the Nigerian police in whatever situation they found their path- crossed with the constitution of their country. They should begin to resist the excesses of the Nigeria police publically without fear.

I also want to use this medium to sensitize the international communities like the Interpol etc and remind them of their moral obligation of ensuring that, the activities of the Nigeria police especially in the south eastern part of the country is black listed in-line with international best practices.

The Interpol and other affiliate bodies on whose jurisdiction the Nigerian police is convered, must as part of their social responsibilities, quickly warn the Nigerian inspector general and educate him properly on the need to, respect the sanctify of human dignity, rights and freedom in Nigeria. Both the Nigeria IGP and his boy needs proper re-orientation and training.

The members of the international communities must as a matter of urgency call Buhari to order and remind him on the dangers of operating “a selective justice system in a country like Nigeria.

Before my very eyes, three habbitual criminals living close to my house in Aba, Abia state were set-free by the Nigerian police and exonerated because of Buharis utterances on the issue.

They must let him know that, for Nigeria to develop there should be no alternative to “good and transparent justice system’’. Anti-corruption drive cannot succeed in a remotely lawless nation like Nigeria. Without grass root mobilization and support, corruption problem in Nigeria will remain a threat to national development.

Only good judicial system and public institution at the grass root is needed for Nigeria to thrive in its corruption drive. Buhari must stop chasing shadows and remove the impunity he has placed consciously on Nigerian criminals because of ethnicity.

Nigerians are already sensitized by his illogical stance on individual-corruption and it will be dangerous for nigerians especially the southerners to access him individually based on what they see in that region.

If no balance is struck between his government policies, emotional interest and personal welfare of the Nigeria citizens,I hereby warn that:Nigeria will be forced to become a nation with partial regional, political and administration autonomy.

Charles Onyeukwu
Freelance writer/coordinator

( By: Charles Onyeukwu )

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