Tips For Easy Kitchen And Effective Oven Cleaning

Spending time in the kitchen to prepare meals for your family is perhaps one of your most favourite activities. If you cook often, chances are that your oven is going to need cleaning service every now and then to ensure that the build-up spoils inside don't ruin your efforts.

When there is too much grease and grime, it will turn into carbon as you cook, causing a burning smell.

For effective oven cleaning you don't really need to consider strong chemical solutions. A good portion of those are actually dangerous to human health and the environment as well. Instead of spending your money on such questionable products, you can resort to an eco-friendly method for cleaning, which has proven to be quite successful for even the dirtiest ovens.

Follow this guide to completely clean your oven and get down to cooking delicious meals in it again. Clear the interior of the oven - in order to clear as much space from the inside as possible, you must first clear the way. This means taking out items such as racks, pizza stone, thermometer and pretty much everything that is removable from the oven interior. Wash each of these items, since they will likely need it too.

Mix a cleaning solution - the eco-friendly solution that works well for oven cleaning features a mix of baking soda and water. Get a small bowl of water and add half a cup of soda in it. That should give you a paste-like compound, which will be used to clean.

Use the paste to coat the interior of the oven - now it gets dirty. You have to spread the paste all over the inside of your oven. Don't coat the heaters. Everything else, however, should be covered in baking soda paste. Make sure you miss no nooks and crannies. Spreading the paste inside works best if you work with your hands. Apply more paste to areas that are particularly dirty with grease.

Let the paste sit overnight - don't be quick to clean the paste. It needs some time to sit and dissolve the spoils. A period of 12 hours is usually enough for this purpose.

Wipe the paste - when enough time has passed, it is time to proceed with oven cleaning. Use a clean cloth to wipe the baking soda paste from the inside of your oven. You can use a spatula for particularly stubborn areas of the oven interior.

Add vinegar, if necessary - if you encounter difficulties wiping off the baking soda paste from the inside of your oven, you can introduce some vinegar. It will react with the baking soda, making it easy to clean and further assist your oven cleaning in ensuring all spoils are taken care of.

Put back the items you took out previously - once you give them a proper clean and drying, put the racks and other inventory back in your oven. That concludes the oven cleaning service, by the end of which you will have a sparkling clean appliance ready to cook your favourite recipes.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, because having a nicely clean oven can make a big difference in your cooking. Follow the outlined steps to ensure that you have a restored oven that is 100% clean and sanitised.

( Natalie Millier )
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