I have always believed that sexism was prevalent in today’s workplace, but never heard any stories about people I know being discriminated against…until last year. I was talking with my male friend about how his job search was going.

He had struggled to find a full-time position and had been interviewing almost every week for multiple positions. Then he told me about his interview from hell. From what I gathered from the story he told me, there was straight up sex discrimination going on in this interview.

He was asked to describe himself, his talents, his accomplishments to the interviewer, and it seemed as though she was zoned out through the entire thing and wasn’t listening to anything he said.

She proceeded with her questions, all of which she looked like she was going to fall asleep when he answered them. Toward the end of the interview, my friend started to get irritated that he was wasting his time with this woman, who was clearly making it seem that way.

He told me how he contemplated if he should’ve left during the middle of the interview or not, or say something about her crazy behavior. So he manned up and asked her, “Why are you acting extremely uninterested in my experience throughout this whole interview?”

If I were in his position, I’m not sure if I would say something so gutsy. Her reply will blow your mind: “In the Human Resources department here at (company who I will not name), we are primarily women. I’m not sure if you will in fact fit in with our group, that’s all.”

My friend took great offense to this, as any normal person in their right mind would, and accused her of being sexist. She denied the sexist accusations, but he knew that what she said was not okay. He took it further than their conversation to talk with her supervisor, the Vice President of Human Resources.

The VP, coincidentally a man, was appalled at what this women said, and ended up terminating the interviewer for being discriminatory. My friend ended up getting the job offer, but didn’t end up taking it because of the whole scuffle.

It’s crazy to hear this kind of drama in such a professional setting. It’s also sad that there are women out there fighting for equal rights, then once we have these rights, we try to take away men’s!

Have you ever experienced this kind of discrimination? Please share with us

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