A Cleaning Challenge - Turn It To A Workout Session, With This 4 Easy Steps

If you are a workout enthusiast, who likes to spend hours in the gym, you are definitely on the right track. Nothing beats a good workout session. It keeps you feeling energetic and healthy.

Have you ever considered turning the cleaning service you do at home into a workout session? It is most certainly possible and in fact advisable, as it presents another opportunity for you to exercise. Additionally, home cleaning is usually a very time-consuming task.

You will often find yourself lacking the free time required to be effective. If you decide to turn doing chores into a workout, you will kill two birds with one stone and have more time. Because the advantages are great, you should not hesitate further and implement the following mechanics to your cleaning to turn it into a real workout session:

  • Play music in the background - there is a reason why all gyms play music - it makes people more energetic. Any physical exercise can greatly benefit from music. What you need to consider is the right type of music though. You won’t do good with slow and relaxing tunes. Instead, choose dynamic and fast artists and tracks that really make you want to move and energise you. Not only will this help with your physical activity, but also make time pass faster and make home cleaning more manageable. Don’t worry about it and pump up the volume as you swing your vacuum cleaner and duster around the rooms.

  • Set a timer- get a timer and set it to challenge yourself further. Every home cleaning chore can be done against the timer. Don’t give yourself too much time, but also don’t give too little. You don’t want to rush and do an ineffective work at this. For example, allow yourself few minutes to perform window cleaning or 10 minutes for carpet cleaning throughout the entire home. That will certainly challenge yourself and make you burn even more calories.

  • Pick up the pace  - obviously, you need to feel tired at the end of your cleaning service, if you want to call it effective. To do that, you need to work faster and truly challenge yourself. Move like you mean to finish fast and pick up the pace. This may prove challenging, as rushing often means lower quality of work, but that is something for you to figure out. It is what makes cleaning as a workout so interesting.

  • Add weights - if you are a true hardcore fan of the idea of turning cleaning into a workout session, you can get yourself some ankle and wrist weights. That ought to make this already difficult task even more challenging. All the extra weight will stress you and make cleaning a true workout. You have to remember to take regular breaks, however, as adding such weights will tire you a lot. A break every now and then will prepare you for the next set of cleaning chores and keep your energy high.

Take all of these suggestions into account in order to turn your cleaning into a real workout session. You will find that an interesting new way of cleaning your home and exercise at the same time, which you will absolutely love. Burn some calories today!

Source: Natalie Millier / MG
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