Terrorism In Nigeria ...A Fight For All

Waking up this morning to hear the sad news of a twin bomb blast in kuje- abuja yesterday , was a sad news and a sense of concern to me as a young Nigeria , I humbly thought we were winning the war against terrorism but now its so glaring that we've been living under deceive and deceit in the fight against terrorism ,

how long will our government continually deceive the masses with propaganda in the fight against terrorism , how long will the blood of innocent Nigerians be shed to achieve political and economic power with the disguised of an unknown agitation by some masked group ,

how long will a geo political zone in Nigeria ( North-east ) continually experience lack of economic growth and development , how long will our political parties continually use terrorism to actualize their selfish political power ,

how long will Nigeria continually leave in fear of an unkown masked group called Boko haram , how long will terrorism continue to terrorise Nigeria . Its high time we all confront this evil act at once. Apathy is subtle approval of evil. We can't fold our hands again

Boko Haram in their bombings do not separate APC from KOWA party or PDP, Fulani from Yoruba, neither do they distinguish Christians from Muslims. No one is exempted.

Sincerely speaking, one thing that stopped " Ebola " in Nigeria when it started was the united front from Nigerians irrespective of party affiliation, religion, region or tribe. There was a oneness of purpose.

That is the same principle and ideology we need to apply to end terrorism once and for all in Nigeria.

Nigerians must unite against terrorism , boko haram must not continually hold Nigeria to hostage , security is an everybody issue and must not be left in the hands of selfish , greedy politicians who have continually act unholy in dealing with terrorism in Nigeria.

Our politician must stop toiling with the peace and unity of Nigeria . Let's jointly say No to terrorism in Nigeria .

God bless Nigeria.

( Adesina Seun / TNV )
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