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Fashion model life is a life in the fast lane. It is seemingly one filled with excitement and challenges at greater heights – from hair styles to photo shoots, high fashion clothing, fashion photographers, discipline and the mental strength to withstand pressures from your employers and getting regular contracts with companies and institutions.

When it’s going good, it feels great and it is often seen on TV, models looking glamorous. But it takes a lot of input to find a model in a designers clothing and being put on stage to depict the elegance a dress possesses.

Beautiful Deelan shares with us the ins and outs in her daily life, and although it is about herself, it paints a clear portrait of how most models daily routines look like. She speaks of the obvious – that a model must work as though he/she is running a business, having in mind he/she is the product that others crave for. Having psyched yourself and understanding this as a true model, it leads to branding and how far a model will be able to go, basically depends on how exceptional her brand is.

Where versatility comes into play, model Deelan cannot be counted out. You take out modeling and it will get you fascinated in knowing she is a designer too. She is a 2015 graduate of Accra Polytechnic having studied Fashion Design and Textiles and majoring in designing. She holds a diploma in designing. At Accra Polytechnic’s 2015 fashion show held at the National Museum of Science and Technology on Friday, June 5, she had models wear her designed dresses in grand style.

Below are Deelan’s attitudinal characteristics under the following categories.

Like every other sport game, discipline is a hallmark of success. Fashion / modeling is highly dependent on the looks of a model. Therefore everything you do is dependent on self discipline. It is an imperative part of how long one will last in the fashion industry. In the daily routine of fast uprising model Deelan, she reveals how good, bad, weak or strong she is in the subs below.

Hardly do most models spend time with their maker, but for every professional to succeed him/she must first devote to God and the road to glory will be full of light and victory without darkness/ failure. Beautiful Deelan understands this, as early as 5: 30 am she begins her quiet time, by praying, singing and listening to inspirational songs and words to 6:00 before anything else.

6:00a.m - she leaves home for the streets in a 30 minute joggle. Returns home and indulges in another 30 minutes workout of aerobics. In a day her strength is unable to keep up with her regular 30 minutes; she manages a 15 minute joggle and continues it same halfway with a 15 minute top up aerobics. Sometimes on weekends, she goes to the beach to have a change of atmosphere for her workouts. Often at the beach, she’s usually seen without sneakers. The idea is to have her feet get massaged in the beach sand whilst jogging she also makes it smart with her tops – with the idea to feel the breeze.

A well disciplined person is always time conscious. Deelan is an example of a model who is so conscious of meeting deadlines. Lateness always makes her uncomfortable.

A month ago, she had a photo shoot session for some projects and it turned out that the fashion photographer arrived 3 hours past the scheduled time. She was extremely disappointed but because of her professional ethics, she boiled down her anger and frustrations and delivered on point.

When it comes to our jobs, there comes a time when responsibilities become burdened and yet we still have to finish it because it is our job. Only the mentally strong can triumph in such situations. Fashion model is frustrating with lot of pressures from a manager or an agent of an agency. Despite the difficulty in this industry, she always put up a shield in her mind to block all her emotions in order to put up very beautiful facial expressions for her photo shoot. Others who are mentally weak will dwell on their anger and frustration and leave the location for their homes.

Dieting on the regular schemes of a model is very expensive and also requires a mentally disciplined individual to stay in his or her range of food types. Wrong dieting could change the future of a model and therefore every potential model must apply caution in choosing the right diet. This way a model can always maintain the right shape and stature. Again is always important for a model to be in shape because any negative change in a model could terminate his /her contract with a group/a company especially where a model is a representative /a brand ambassador.

7: 00 am - She takes her shower after which she does her make ups. For her unique style and beauty, she usually chooses her color and her wear a night before every morning. The idea is to allow her meet up with all her appointments without any dawdle. After all these, she will take a well calorie controlled breakfast. Often with bread and sometimes, fish, meat and egg for protein and to give her energy. During the evening or night, just a light food such as tea with 3 slices of bread is just enough.

8:00a.m and she leaves for her casting or appointments. In the fashion industry a daily routine of a model is usually determined by various locations for a photo shoot, events or a program. This usually happens when the model is under a contract.

It is seen from the above, that a fashion model’s success or triumph is dependent on discipline as explained by Ghana’s uprising model Deelan.

Now this is an opportunity for you to sign Africa’s fresh face of beauty. Contact her manager on +233 57 893 0136/+233 20 901 7686

Credit: Manuel King (@manuelkingnow) / MG
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