The World’s Problem Is The US Government!

President Obama's speech consisted of lies. He said that the United States (US) can’t solve the world’s problems. This could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that the world’s problem is the United States government!

When he was referring to Russia's actions concerning Ukraine he said, “we cannot stand by when the sovereignty of a nation is flagrantly violated." The United States government, however, has done exactly that for 117 years to Puerto Rico.

It has dominated every aspect of Puerto Rican life since 1898. The exploitation has been so great and for so long that we now have more Puerto Ricans living out of Puerto Rico than in.

Click on the above link to read President Obama's speech at the United Nation's (UN) 70th General Assembly.

This is because there are no opportunities for Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico. Yet, the colony of Puerto Rico has a debt that she can't pay. That is like a slave having a debt. How could a slave have a debt when he/she works permanently for free for his/her master?

Early in his speech, President Obama talked about the United Nations' system of international rules.

He said, "It is these international principles that have helped contain bigger countries from imposing our will on smaller ones, and advance the emergence of democracy and development and individual liberty on every continent."

The truth of the matter is that the US government has violated repeatedly international law by maintaining the smaller country, Puerto Rico, as its colony for over a century. The US government has ignored 34 UN resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.

The US government has done this despite its prohibition by international law that proclaims colonialism to be a crime against humanity, because it is a threat to world peace. Yet, the US government is blind to its own human rights violations, but it is quick to stand up for the Ukrainian People's inalienable right to self-determination and independence.

President Obama said, "Just as force alone cannot impose order internationally, I believe in my core that repression cannot forge the social cohesion for nations to succeed." Yet, Puerto Rico is a US colony by virtue of force, a military invasion, and she is kept a colony by a long history of repression.

Read, WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS by Nelson Denis to learn that its title comes from what Puerto Rico's police chief E. Francis Riggs said after the Rio Piedras Massacre.

An excellent example of the US government's repression is Puerto Rico's political prisoner Oscar López Rivera. He has been in a US prison for 34 years for fighting for the decolonization of Puerto Rico.

This is a right that he has under the international law enacted by the United Nations in 1960. In fact, this law allows Oscar to use whatever means necessary to free his country from colonialism.

This is why we must continuously protest for the decolonization of Puerto Rico. We must, because a president of the United States who lies to the United Nations about what other countries should do while the US government violates those same international laws, doesn't believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

( By: José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico )
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