Buhari And The Fate Of Judiciary Laws

It is a truism that President Buhari promised many things and one of which was adherence to the rule of law. Surprisingly, this particular promise is gradually going to the bin of denial. Earlier we thought the judicial flagrant was as a result of the lacuna created by lack of Attorney General of Federation but the music has not changed.

The refusal of bail to Nnamdi Kanu and disobedient to verdict of Supreme Court on Dasuki saga were negative pointers to what Buhari promised. If this is his own version of rule of law then judiciary has lost its savour as hope of a common man in this dispensation.

Let us reiterate our stand on lawful prosecution, any prosecution must be within the ambit of law and anyone guilty must face the music.

For keeping Nnamdi Kanu behind the bar beyond stipulated time frame before charging him to court and after brought him before court yet bail was denied, is a departure from a democratic government that practises FOI act. Kanu might not be absolute but his fundamental right must be respected.

At this juncture, we believed Nigerians should ask themselves why Biafra resurfaced after 45years? or does it mean we have been patching it over the years?

Now to Dasuki travails, his prosecution has gone to persecution except for those that cannot discern the script. Dasuki acted on order of his Boss, IBB to be part of those who arrested Buhari about thirty years ago at the eve of Ramadan festival. It was same time Buhari and his spin's doctors arrested Dasuki. As if that was not enough, he was denied to travel out for medical treatment after the Supreme Court acted in his favour.

They did not only flaunt order from the highest Court of the land, they brought in an interim report from their committee to justify their impunity.

After critically looking at the report and its application, here is our submission;

- For a committee that is meant to look into funds activities of Defence Ministry from May 2007 to May 2015 and single out Dasuki in her interim report shows a bias starting.

- If a serious committee like this can rush to her paymaster to submit an interim report just to buttress impunity, then we should not expect much.

- The report itself failed on several stages, for stating that Dasuki was responsible for what happened between March 2012 and May 2015 while he was appointed June 2012 shows another incoherence.

- Also, the half-hearted report told us over N660billion was budgeted and siphoned but only picked Dasuki as the only thief. May be they have forgot that Buhari's current Minister of Interior, Dambazzau was Chief of Army Staff between 2008 and 2010 which fell within period investigating.

Our stand is that prosecution should not have any playmaker behind the scene to suit Mr. President. Even though Dasuki might not be absolute, Buhari should still follow due process. We have travelled through this path before, in the case Tafa Balogun VS OBJ. All we gained from it were his seized cars rotten in EFCC yards in Lagos and recovered funds cannot be traced till today.

Also, to Mr Malami, the AGF, his starting was not on a good note and if care is not taken he might be the worst AGF. Any holder of this office should not be above the law. As a SAN and a chief legal adviser to the nation, we expected him to know better than Mr President, as his actions must not be partisan.

Beside his actions on above cases, he has also thrown spanner to the wheel of electoral process in Kogi State. Instead of approaching the Supreme Court for judicial remedy to the lacuna in the electoral act and constitution, he went ahead to advise INEC and APC. This has led to series of litigation flying to the temple of justice and Kogi has now become confluence of electoral confusion.

What surprised us most is perpetual silence of those human right activist lawyers who always take the stage in cases like these. Are they scare of another decree 4?

It is Kanu and Dasuki today, tomorrow it may be another person.

Let us allow laws to take its course.'
Ifedayo Obi

Source: Good Governance Advocates, The Nigerian Voice
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