Building Yourself For A Successful Greatness

Most people in the world wants to be successful but are they planning towards it. Success is not an accident, It doesn't happen by chance or mere luck. You must plan and prepare adequately for it.

Back in primary, my teachers used to say that most of us were born failures and there was no way we can succeed. This really affected some people and many are still failing in life today because of what people have said to them.

Well, i believe i have good news for you. THERE ARE NO NATURALLY BORN FAILURES, THEY ARE ALL MAN MADE. Nobody was born to a failure. I think it is because of this philosophy that some school of thought believe the it is not the problem of the individual to be born poor, but it is his problem if he dies poor.

Life has made it possible for every dream to come true. Once you have breath, with determination and hard work you can achieve all your dreams.

Below are three ways to build yourself for Greatness or Success

1. You need a life Coach. Who is a life Coach? Before you answer the question on who a life Coach is, there will be the need to know the meaning of the word Coach. A Coach is simply someone who trains a person. So your life coach can be your teacher, your mentor, your Pastor or anyone who can train you to achieve. (In the next articles we will look at who qualifies to be a life coach).

2. Renewed minds:- We need new thinking to build a new world or future. The way you think has the power to affect your life positively or negatively. Poverty is a curse therefore you have to refuse to be poor. I have come to understand that poverty is not the absence of resources but a mentality;It begins in the mind. We need new thinking, new ideas.

Think Big, Think of becoming influential and change your generation. I have made up my mind that i will never be poor.

3. Focus on Excellence: Refuse to be satisfied with anything that is not excellent. The reason why your life seems to be at a halt is because you are satisfied with were you are. If you are satisfied with $500.00 you can’t earn $1500.00. If you are satisfied with 6A's you can’t get 8A's. If you are satisfied with A second class then you can’t get the first class. Refuse to be satisfied with anything that is not excellent. No matter what you do, be the best.

Edmund Koby Rhema is a young Author and a motivational speaker and Leader. Currently the CEO of Rhema Youth Foundation, President of Abundant Grace Junior Youth and General Secretary of Sweet Breath From Heaven Ministry. You can also invite the author for a speaking appointment on any occasion or Event. You can Contact him on 0209373104

Source: Koby Rhema
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