The Crumbling Superpower —USA

Empires, and its modern version Superpowers, are based on the pillars of Economic Strength and Moral Leadership lasting for Generations before they disappear again from earth only to be remembered in History books. Signs of their downfall and end are always the same and visible to someone that can see documenting a process that lasts 3-4 Generations.

USA, a separated Country, not even been able to be called a Nation, is in its core divided in three groups of people, European, African and Latin American descendants living side by side and not mixed only connected by the common interest of the “American Dream” that they collectively defend once being attacked from outside only to go their own separate ways afterwards.

The “American Dream” describes a vast Interest Group, the People of USA, in hope of greener pastures to fulfill egoist individual interests, and not common selfless human values in order to form a unified Nation that can rightly call itself as such.

The things we use and enjoy today in our daily life, Fridges, Cars, Porcelain, Internet, Computer, Ships, Hamburgers, Pizzas, Noodles, Wine, Dynamite, Books, Rockets to reach the Moon, Braille, Sign-Language, Alphabet, Arabic Numbers, Wheels etc. are mostly not inventions Made in USA, but in Europe, Arabia and Asia.

For years USA Administrations are justifying their interventions in countries like Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. under the logo “protecting American values”. Democracy was invented in Greece.

Rule of Law, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Movement and Equality before the Law, besides other Human Rights, can be traced back to the Jacobins of the French Revolution and many other European Philosophers and Politicians before that period long before America was invaded by the Settlers.

Free Entrepreneurship and Capitalism are based on Calvin (Holland) and others in European History. Having guns in private houses to protect someone’s country and personal property is a long tradition in Switzerland.

European Settlers brought their values and ideas to USA when emigrating from Europe for which reason “American Values” do not exist but are very much “European Values” with influences from many other countries that influenced Europe by time.

Adolf Hitler (an Austrian from Graz!), Mussolini and Franco were wiped out by history when they tried to harm positive and well established European Human Rights and Traditions.

European Values and African Values are very much interconnected via Empires like Roman and Osman Empire - besides others - giving them supremacy over new as such declared “American Values”.

European descendants are the dominating force in USA society. It wonders a European and saddens his heart to see the level of education in this big country, for the majority of its citizen, is often lower than in African countries like Kenya, Namibia and Botswana not mentioning falling far behind European standards.

History will have to answer the vital question where and when did the European Settlers go wrong with their “American Dream”, and like the idea of Communism, have to face reality of Humanism. The cradle of Humanism can be found first in Africa before it was heading towards Europe being translated into a more modern version.

Meaningful Philosophers driving humanity into the future cannot be found in USA but very much in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The “American Dream” becomes more obvious is an idea leaving many people behind the development of the USA instead of integrating them to form a united country. The challenges of modern times like Global Village, Environment, and Over-population etc. do not find answers coming from USA to be effective and the right once.

To call Pres. Barak Obama the first Black President of America instead correctly a mixed raced President is another clear sign of the weakening Moral Leadership USA claims to process superior to other cultures.

Fracking Oil out of the ground of USA soil is a symbolic picture of great significance demonstrating that the Americans need to squeeze out of their country their last reserves before their meaning in world history as a Superpower comes to an end and part of University History lecturings.

Wars after wars – financially never productive as only few companies benefit from it - have made USA come to the doorsteps of China to borrow money for their economy…a former enemy and competitor on the global playground.

Saying to Emperor Julius Caesar the Roman Empire will collapse over a period of around 200 years would have meant to be beheaded right on the spot by his very own sword. Does the Roman Empire still exist?

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono Estate, Block D10, Aprt.9, Tema West, Ghana, phone +233(0)265078287, , 01.11.2015

Source: Karl-Heinz Heerde / MG
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