Why Men Carry The Burden Of Cheating

All men cheat! That is the justification for every man that is cheating on his women today and there has never been a single reason to contradict that short phrase.

Women often use this as their defense when they don’t give their all in a relationship and some men who understood what it means to be in charge, often use it as a reason to cheat more and more.

Taming a man has been one mission impossible owing to the fact that he is in charge. It has been man’s world from the beginning when God put Adam in charge of everything including women. Even the Bible and other ancient books gave women less responsibilities and since then just a little of the goodness and evil in this world has been their share.

What a man can do!
Men rule the world, but when it comes to being pathetic and falling back to the remnants, women then come in. Men always walk home with the first prize, while women go with the consolation prizes.

No offence, but this is just the fact because since the beginning of the world, women have been fighting to change the contents of these ancient books with the word ‘obsolete’. Now we have accepted the change, all we have them doing is selective responsibilities.

It is obvious that polygamy has justifies cheating, but women should always remember that whatever a man can do, they can always do better.

Women cheat! Men cheat! We all cheat one way or the other but the thing is that women will always have their way in throwing the blame on men.

What men do
Like I said earlier, polygamy has become the only justification for cheating and this is one part of life no amount of moral lesson can change no matter how hard we try.

Men often enjoy that bragging right of counting the number of women they have slept with. It happens everywhere and if a lady attempts it, she will be called a whore.

Men are just good at the game, words like whore and prostitute have just their female sides and even when there are men who do the same thing, there is no popular word for that which means it can never be a crime.

Because women have taken the titles of being whores and prostitutes, men are now left with being cheats. Which is why men are not supposed to complain when someone says it is in their nature to cheat. The rest are stories.

Can men run?
There have been fire on the mountain for many years and no one seemed to be on the run. When do we run to now that the rivers are overflowing to cover us? There is just nowhere else left for us to go as cheats.

When a man on the street cheats on his wife, we hear that it is in the nature of men to cheat. When a politician does the same, it is same response even when some so called men of God do it, it is still the nature of men to cheat.

Even though it is a general insinuation, there is still no condemnation for those that abstain from it. Cheating is not just have sex with another woman, it could be sharing a good chunk of your emotions with her.

Some men often share things with other women, leaving their wives in the darkness of their daily dealing. Others use the guise of best friend to spend a lot of time outside, leaving their wives in the cold and alone.

What is love if it is not real? What is love if it cannot be guaranteed? What is love if you cannot be there to show it? Well, this love is mostly only found in the Cinderella world where everything is perfect and that is where most women live until the wind of reality blows on them.

I know how beautiful love can be, but the truth is how many of us can let it consume us? When two people are together, they act like there is no one else in their lives. Men and the ladies always play along in this game, but where does it take us?

The lady always feels cheated because after sex, she feels she has lost. She feels she made the bigger investment and that is why men will always carry the tag of cheats.

There are still some ideal worlds where everything is perfect with true love, and no cheating and that is where we all should be aiming to be. We can never be there without trust and love. We can only be there if we believe that the best foundations in life can only be built in God.

We can always do our best to stay away from cheating, it is the man we are.

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Source: Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, MG
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