An Open Letter To Mr President Muhammed Buhari

Your Excellency Sir, Before you proceed on your controversial 6 months leave which will have some others run the affairs of the country except your constitutionally empowered Deputy,may we bring a few facts to your table. We pray this gets to you before its too late.

We in Akwa Ibom State,may not be suicide bombers but we are not weaklinks either.

Since its no more a hidden fact that your party(APC) wants Akwa Ibom State dead or alive being an Oil rich state even if she is well grounded as a PDP state over the years,besides your candidate from Akwa Ibom is from the wrong Senatorial District based on our long standing zoning system.

We have watched with great dismay the madness of Sadiq Umar at the Tribunal and the weakness of your compromised Appeal court and we might be expecting nothing different except there still exist Judges at the supreme Court who are not afraid to stand alone and give a Judgement of Peace.

Nonetheless, if the independence of the Supreme court has also been mortgaged,then be informed that we are ready for the unfortunate re-run.

Our plea is that the INEC Officers,Police Officer,Military Officers,Youth Corpers,Civil Defence Officers,Peace Corps etc that will be deployed to Akwa Ibom State on that unfortunate day to rob us as a people should tell their wives,Husbands,Parents and Loved ones the evil they have covenanted to perpetuate against a Peace Loving State.

We are aware that even if it takes you slaughtering half of us,you will sanction it as long as APC takes over,but your Excellency Sir,it will not easy. We will fight to stay #free from a party that does not mean well to us. The most crippled amongst us will fight,The Blind and aged will do their best and the world shall see who you and your party really are.

We hope your partners in crime will remember to have an extra life in their vest,should in the process of defending our #DivineMandate the unexpected happens to them and us.

The re-run day shall be a #BlackDay in Nigerian History and we AkwaIbomites are ready to make that day an historic day that our Children and those unborn shall read about as a Day we stood up against a Party built on lies and deception.

The peasants amongst us are ready for a
Re-run and we hope you are ready. We will vote and we will #defend our votes.

We wish you a blissful 6 months recess and pray you return to meet us in one piece and don't forget to give extra lives to the #Criminals who will be conducting your false re-run should the Supreme Court be not Supreme from your antics.

Micheal Okon
Freeborn Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
Int'l President Coalition Of Youth Leaders(CYL) In Akwa Ibom State.


Divine Mandate Team
Akwa Ibom State

By: Friends Of Udom Emmanuel On Facebook (FOUE)
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