Christmas Hampers: Choose Healthy For A Change

Christmas is here again. Chances are, you may go back on your resolution to not overeat, or eat unhealthy foods, or drink alcohol, which you have tried all year to keep away from. But is it all your fault when you fall prey to these indulgences? My position you are partly in charge of what you consume.

And my position also is that others- your friends, your colleagues at work, your social club, your church, your family should take their fair share of the ‘irresponsiblity’. Why? Let me demonstrate.

By now, if you have not already received some Christmas gift hampers, keep your fingers crossed, if you have been good. Yours is on the way. Although, sometimes, you also get hampers for doing bad things like cheating on contracts, and doing your institution in. Onyame ahu wooo. But that is not the focus of the discussion here.

Back to hampers. So lets assume you just received your first hamper. I will bet my last Christmas piccadily biscuit hanging on a string, that it is likely to contain stuff from these categories: alcohol, sugar-sweetened beverages; energy-dense and saturated fat-filled candies and cookies, cooking oil, polished white rice, and tinned fish or meat.

If you are a judge, or related to a judge, this basket of processed foods may come along with a live goat Are you getting the point? So the question is: why would anyone who wants me to celebrate life, spend their money to buy me all the things that are highly likely to reduce both the quantity and quality of my life?

I personally do not expect people to send me a hamper as a Christmas gift- life itself is the greatest gift I already have. Perhaps I have the same genes as late professor of blessed memory.

But if you insist you want to buy me gifts of food, why not choose from the many healthy options on the market? Perhaps, I should list them for those who are bent on sending a message via my cooking pot: whole-grain bread, oats, fruits of all kinds, vegetables of all kinds (of course all fresh), and fish processed in many ways but definitely not hiding in a can.

These are healthy options. If you ask me, here are the things that will disqualify a hamper for me: corned beef, alcohol, sweets, polished rice, tinned tomatoes, tinned fish. Even if you have not asked, my advice is that when next you think of a hamper; don’t let the convenient stocking practices of the supermarket define what gifts you give.

Merry Christmas with a healthy hamper to change your life for better health

By: Nii Okai Aryeetey
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