#LetterToSisters: Money Or Other Values Of A Man?

Have you ever wondered how the world was run when there was nothing like money? Did you ever ask what the value of virtues like gratitude, love, kindness and friendship were? They used to be earned, now they can be bought.

Most men are bunch of cowards who cannot offer a complete sentence to lady without digits in it. Ladies became and the digits turned password to their legs. Even when we knew this, we have never stopped to ask if we can fix it.

Can we fix women?

It has been a question of ridicule, as we go on everyday predicting uncertainty in things that are certain, claiming we never saw it coming.

Success has no definition. But contentment is the best for it. We can never want more when we are successful. It is more like finding a missing screw, you will never need anything again because the joint will now be tight.

That kind of success is only for machines and not for women [better say we men as well]. Most of them believe that God can only use men to solve their problems and not themselves or their fellow women.

Some ladies have become an investment bank for men and at the end of the day, they call him destiny helper, volunteer, financer, sponsor, etc. He came because he probably wants to marry you, but you took his gifts because he is a destiny helper. How can we love a gift and hate the giver? Is a man’s gift not supposed to make way for him?

Just a little story

Every now and then we hear stories of a trader training a girl in school and she abandons him at the end of the day for a fellow graduate or someone more polished.

Ladies always get away with it, but in most cases some of them die in it. Well, that’s a little story.

What’s the value of a man?

Company, love, protection, sex and friendship could all go but what am I missing because the last time I checked, we are in 2015?

Money! The value of a man is now his money. Accomplishments are like the bottle of a perfume, but money is what you perceive.

In what is tougher than the famous ‘Battle of Muzanga’, men toil daily like the coursed Adam to make a lady smile. Some others have two or more since polygamy is never too bad. What do we get at the end of the day? Women shining their teeth like a teller officer, making you feel like you are the only customer in the bank. Of course, you were, at the very moment, but you still have to be brief because others are waiting.

Can ladies be better?

Maybe one out there can be, but not all of them. Christmas is here and some of them have already made a list of whom they would be getting gifts from as if it is their birthday.

Ladies should most often curtail their ‘I want’ syndrome. The more you want, the more you lose value and the more you will only be seen as the thing in-between your legs. A sex machine.

I have seen women taking up causes against domestic violence, rape and early marriage but none has ever moved towards dignity restoration.

Is anything better than money?

Hmm. No. Yes but I forgot someone will tell me to forget about the biblical virtuous woman and face the reality of the Nigerian virtuous woman who in most cases delivers ‘garbage in, garbage out’ love.

If your money isn’t coming, no love for you and this could also be applicable to a wife. I don’t want to starts flattering us with some Bible quotations and sweet things that have been said about women, but there are other sweet things about men, aside money. The only problem is that if we embrace them, it will be very difficult to have more than one man.

You must know this

Men like everything easy. He wants to sleep with you, and all he does is just make sure he gets it with minimum commitments. He pays off your feelings and even when you are falling in love with him, he doesn’t care because even ghosts understand that he doesn’t owe you.

Ladies go on feeling used and so on, but that isn’t the case. You can never find love in the pocket. It is in the heart. You can never find it in the heart of a man who is looking at your waist and chest.

We all need money to solve problems, but one thing for sure is that someday, we will be tired of taking the money. We would want a ring, love and a man who cares and is ready to go all the way for us genuinely. Everyone wants that fairy tale life.

I know I have said a lot of ‘we’ on this, but I am still a guy and I want things to be better for our ladies. I just hope my letters have been meeting us well.

Yours Faithfully,

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike,

chikisnow@yahoo.com | 08038704454 | Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: HardyNwa | BBM: 56226EE1

Source: Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

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