Questions Of Love

So patiently,I waited for my turn to write down my name and ID number for the lecturer.Standing Infront of such a small but philosophically inquisitive class was not funny at all.How they look at you alone,can give you what I call "pressure".

Thank God!!!...I was the next after the one writing her's.A beautiful lady I must admit."Having her as a friend would not be bad at all", an inner wish I had.

To strike a conversation, I pretended not having a pen."Can I use your pen" I asked trying to sound diplomatic as possible.

She hands it over to me.

Seconds after,my mind started racing with options on where,how and when to get the pen back to her when I realized she had gone to sit.Browsing my eyes through the academic crowd,I could not locate her.

First impressions I believe we dont get a second chance to make one,"what first impression am I trying to create for myself,the guy who absconded with my pen!!!", I soliloquized.

As I sat,I felt an unfamiliar tap on my shoulder.Ooooh,there she was.Sitting just behind me.With an affectionate smile, I handed back the pen to her.

Our second day of meeting (in the library) registered an interesting scene as she got surprised with the mention of her name which was never asked but known.I could not help but join her to study after which we had some academic discussion.The friendship I imagined had from then started loading....

So we entered the Cafeteria another time after a philosophy lecture one hot afternoon to get our intestines working.As new friends trying to know each other better,we spent most of our time together, unintentionally making our presence felt almost everywhere on campus.

As the days went by,our friendship grew stronger not only in our minds but also in the spectacle of the public as we got somewhat enjoined by the court of public opinion for the whereabout of each other.Friends started asking her whereabout when am seen alone and vice versa.

A considerable amount of debate got generated as a result of our public appearances.Admittedly,we enjoyed the painful romance of having to be pointed to everywhere we appeared,afterall we were gaining popularity not only as a duo but also for our respective personalities.

Soo soon,constructions of love had been made in the minds of colleagues about us.

Being lovers was the most prosecuted discussion our colleagues and by extension the student body had on us.

Appearances indeed can be deceptive, and in this case it was humongously deceptive as we ourselves realized we were doing virtually everything together as campus lovers do but were just friends.

The fact of our friendship could only be attested to by just the two of us as it would be seen as a a blatant falsehood if not a wicked lie to even suggest for a moment that we were just friends.

With time,my mind began to ponder over some questions and started thinking through the lovers tag our colleagues had given us.

Is it really true that we look good together, isnt it possible to go out(date) with her.

Amazing how we allow peoples perception to get hold of us.

I realized time was going to be the ultimate decider in telling the fact or fiction of our relation as I somewhat got convinced to follow my heart which seemed to have been invaded by the chorus of the public.

But as said by the English poet and the World's most pre-eminent dramatist, William Shakespeare in his play, Twelfth Night(Act 1,Scene 1) "If music be the food of love, play on".

This philosophical, yet poetically crafted assertion I have come to not only entertain but accept as one needs no survey to find that love is an irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly by that special person.Everyone seems to admit that love is wonderful and neccessary but yet we seem not to agree on just what it is.The beginning of my wonder!!!

Love, a canvass furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination I have come to believe from experience and testimony as the only journey started with high pinned hopes and expectations, yet it fails like nobody's business.

I have spent days,months and years trying to reconcile this seemingly irreconciable facts of the otherwise anticipated failures of such enthusiastic and promisingly hopeful journeys of love.

The million dollar question I have been trying to answer is "what is the nature of love",a simple question but with many underlying variables.

Love,I believe if it is to mean anything must observe the principle of the "right reason".That is loving for the right reason.

But there arrives my dilemma!!! Should I go in for what the Society(friends,family) sees as good for me by sacrificing my intention to its dictates,demands,perception and stereotypes or to pursue what I know I want.

This dilemma has found,still finding and will continue to find many.

The more advanced forms of parents selecting or forcing spouses on their daughters and sons,sacrificing personal happiness for a rich marriage, marrying out of pity, sympathy or as a payback(replenishing the good someone has done you) et cetera remains questions that have been asked, not once, not twice but ad naceaum.

I have no answers to such questions but getting conscious of them I believe will help in loving for the right reason.

NB:The short story in the write-up is entirely fictitious.It bears no semblance or resemblance of any situation or event.

The writer, Eric Nana Agyemang is inter alia, a fictional writer with much interest in relationships,education and personable stories.

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Source: Eric Nana Agyemang
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