Seven Tips To Achieve Your Career Goals

Lasting success in any chosen career does not come by mistake. It is the result of consistently doing some things really well. If you are now making career choices, these seven tips will push you to the top.

1. Get hands-on experience

Many fields need hands-on skills. You should focus on experiencing and understanding the field you are interested in. Remember some things can only be attained through a perfect combination of classroom or laboratory work, and attachments, internships, volunteering, jobs etc. If you get any chance to gain practical experience, please take it and use it well.

2. Check your finances

Every great dream or vision needs a pro-vision. People have great plans, but because they do not manage their money matters well, they faced undue financial pressures which prevented them from realising their career goals. Unnecessary spending is something that must be frowned upon.

3. Overcome obstacles

Identify mentors in your area of specialization. Every field has its gurus. Fish them out and learn from them, whether near, through workshops or far, through their books. Stay focused on the big picture, the career plan. Plans are usually not straight; they involve detours and disappointment, so make allowance for all the detours on your road-map to the career success. Don’t be surprised when an obstacle comes. Network, network and network again!

4. Live healthy

Stay healthy. Your body is the horse to transport you to your dream career. Take care of it through being more active, getting enough sleep, healthy eating, no smoking, and safe alcohol use.

5. Set realistic deadlines

Always do a proper research and set realistic deadlines. That way, you are more likely to achieve them. Know how fast you are, and how productive you can be. For activities outside your locus of control, make room for additional time for developing your timelines.

6. Manage your time

Plan your day a day before you start your day. List all the things to be done the next day. Condense the list into five (5) key activities. Prioritise the 5 activities considering the time of the day you are at your optimal level. Activities like populating a database can be done when you have completed the more mentally demanding activities such as coding.

7. Develop yourself.

Read on the go using your smart devices. Ask lots of questions to prevent unnecessary time wastage on a project. Be part of a progressive open minded study groups. The right networks will get any job done on time. Be organized in your work. Keep a neat, clean and organised service station to prevent wasting time searching for things.

In the end, after Planning and Doing, you must assess your performance against set outcomes to continue to improvements and take corrective actions. For effective monitoring and evaluation, you need to gather the right data and key performance indicators. For example, if you want to score A in your exams, you must consider how many hours you spend studying, the topics you cover in each time period, and your ability to solve past questions.


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