The Man We Are: It’s December, Month Of Breakups

Practically, the month of December sees the end of so many things in our lives even when we don’t really worry so much about what ends and what we are dropping. Because there is a fresh hope in the New Year, we tend to forget the previous December and the many things we bounced back to after.

January is characterized with our customary New Year resolutions, new goals, new way of life which tend to change and remain forgotten after few months, but one thing certain is that we remain who we are searching for inner peace and the rest of it.

For the single guys, ladies often see the month of December as when we leave the bulk of them for the fear of buying them gifts and so on. I can believe them, but there are still other things they are missing.

Taking stocks
Guys usually take stocks on what they have done from the beginning of the year to the end. December is that perfect time and it is so unfortunate that Christmas comes in the same month.

I know that by writing this, I am creating a better excuse for guys to dump as many ladies as possible, but I will still go on and say what I want to say and be as clear as I can be.

Every December guys usually sit back and think of who has been most valuable to them and who hasn’t. It is always a sorry story for the later who are pruned and while they are busy thinking it is because of the gifts they guy doesn’t care. He no longer calls, nor replies her messages and he doesn’t event want any form of visits from her.

But the gifts are reasons
Do you actually think I would jump the gifts as a reason for the December breakups? No way! It is always fun to pack so many girls under your umbrella from August to November, but December is like a bomb that will detonate and kill you.

When you start hearing ‘hope my xmas gifts are ready?” from more than 10 girls you have been involved with and you still have your siblings to take care of and not even mentioning yourself. You just want to run mad and what’s next for you?

You activate the pruning, finding every wrong reasons to throw some of them away, forgetting how they have been there for you all along. Brother you are being heartless, even though relationships are not just about sending expensive Christmas gifts.

Most guys are not fazed by the gifts but have a challenge of giving all the ladies the time they need. She will definitely know she is not the main girl in your life if on that special day, she is just at home trying to call the phone you have switched off. That really hurts.

On the other hand, if you have a girlfriend or whatever you call her and on Christmas day that everyone is hanging out you are not with her and she doesn’t complain, it is certain that as she is the assistant girlfriend in your life, you are also an assistant boyfriend.

And all the gifts from January
At times I wonder why people will have to end something they termed special because someone did not get a gift. If he has been there through January, it means he bought a Valentine’s Day gift, maybe Easter, birthday and all of it. Why would one just activate the breakup?

I might be sounding a little defensive to guys, but the truth is also that we have suffered. Thanks to the ladies, this will be one time for most of us get new underwear because that is what most ladies who expect a phone from a guy will return as gifts to him.

I was taught not to judge so I won’t be doing that here, I will only advice the brothers to do their pruning on time so that the ladies can have time to hookup and get all the Christmas gifts they desire.

Is the breakups worth it?
It all depends on why people call things off. Pruning is for people who have plenty, which is bad. But dumping someone you have been with in the name ending the year and taking a new part in life will be sounding like wickedness.

The funny thing about these breakups is that most guys wake up in January and realize that someone they dumped in December is the best for them. Sometimes it is not a ploy to dodge the gifts, but a miscalculation from the guy.

My advice is that men especially the single ones should not use this period to hurt ladies. Don’t start asking yourself if you have really done well, when you don’t really know what you want.

Married men should also remember they are married and not be fools that contribute to the gorgeous looks of single ladies while their wives parade in rotten rags as Christmas cloths.

Don’t make her settle for ‘bend down select’, when you take your mistress to boutiques. December should be a time to end ugly behavious and not uphold them.

We can do this, it is the man we are.

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, | 08038704454 | Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: HardyNwa | BBM: 56226EE1

Source: Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

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