Young Fabulous Woman: Wake Up And Make Your Dream A Reality!

The writer: Ama Duncan

When I was little, I was a dreamer. I would sit for hours fantasizing about a totally different life in which I was rich, attended a rich British boarding school, met Prince William and lived happily ever after.

I would watch Telenovelas and lust after the lavish lifestyle of the rich ladies in their stilettos, plush homes and fancy convertible cars. And I was hopeful that one day, my fantasies would become reality. I mean after all, if people could win the lottery or suddenly inherit some mega money, why couldn't the Prince fall in love with a small town Komenda girl like me?

Well, of all the ways through which I fantasized I will be rich I do not recall hard work as one of the options. So on and on I kept hoping and fantasizing that someday my dreams would come true.

It was not until I lived alone in England where I had to pay my own bills through ‘sweat in chills’ that it dawned on me that no manna was going to fall down on me and that I had to work hard and smart to enjoy the things I fantasized about - at least the material ones because as for meeting Prince William, it was going to take a gargantuan miracle lol!

Sadly, I realize that a lot of us young ladies continue to fantasize about glamorous lives but are not ready to earn it. While some of us are praying day and night for money to fall from the skies into our bank accounts, others are chasing after rich pot-bellied men to cater to our needs and wants.

We have no idea what rich people have to do to make money. While we sleep, they are up working and strategizing. While we are moaning about how hard things are these days, they are devising innovative ways to increase their productivity.

A number of rich people including some few I know started off by doing manual jobs like cleaning gutters, washing dirty dishes at hotels, selling ‘pure water’, etc. Surprisingly, I find that some of us who desire to be rich, are not prepared to start from scratch.

Some of us will never be caught dead sweeping or selling from head pans but what we fail to realize is that there is a lot to learn from such jobs if we want to be rich too. We want to finish school and immediately land that dream job that pays us dollars, gives us a company car and apartment plus vacation allowance for trips abroad.

We see rich people and covet their lives. We spend all day on the couch watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' and expect that our lives will dramatically transform into theirs? Young Fabulous Woman, if you dream of a certain lifestyle be prepared to earn it.

Isn't it refreshing to see an industrious financially independent fabulous woman who can stand on her own two feet? Stop fantasizing and make your dream a reality because in you is fabulous.

Ama Duncan, Founder of The Fabulous Woman Network
Facebook: The Fabulous Woman Network
Twitter: @fabwomannetwork
Instagram: Thefabulouswomannetwork

Source: Am a Duncan, Modern Ghana
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