5 Secrets To Mindblowing Intimacy

Hello my gorgeous readers, so this is by far the most interesting article I have written so far. Simply because it's intriguing, slightly naughty but definitely exciting, so all in all ...it'll be worth the read. The reason why I called it "intimacy" is because this article will be sort of a start guideline to get you to the purest connection with your partner. So I will not only be discussing the physical aspect of sex, but rather more about intimacy, which is the state that transcends sex, which will make the experience unforgettable. So here it goes.

Secret 1 : Know and love yourself!
I cannot stress this enough. It's like the analogy of building a house, no matter how you design the house on its in and outside, if there is no strong foundation that holds the house, then you'll basically end up with nothing when the wind should blow your house away. Same thing with humans. You have to stand for something else you'll fall for just about anything. Love yourself, remember you come first in your own life story, and yes it's okay to be selfish with that one. Get to know yourself. Stick to your values and principles in life, because if you don't... how can you expect or demand an outsider to do it. Intimacy without loving and knowing yourself will feel incredibly empty and hollow...so I suggest you go figure yourself out asap.

Secret 2 : Love and respect others
Now love can be a tricky word here, since everybody gives and receives love in a different way. So I guess here it is important that besides the fact that you know and love yourself, you'll care enough for your partner to make him or her feel safe with you. Let's not forget that intimacy gets people into a state of high vulnerability. So love and respect each other, that will get you far I promise.

Secret 3 : Throw out the "planning/organizing" part.
The key to mind-blowing intimacy is to leave it up to fate, chance, coincidence...however you want to call it. Roll the dice and let the chips fall where they may. Trust that "spontaneity" is an important factor in all this, but often so underestimated and underrated. I can imagine that for my married readers, you might already have a daily routine that repeats itself all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, doing something unexpected on an unexpected time can be very very exciting, trust me.

Secret 4 : Step out of the comfort zone
We are so comfortable with the "known" and everything that is "unknown" is daunting. However, I dare you to take a leap of faith and to try something new. And by that I do not mean to go purchase a Tantra Chair today (smiling here), but to take baby steps. This can either be by taking the lead for a change, or by changing location of events (there are other places besides the bed, wink wink), roleplaying, foreplay etc. Create suspense, surprise your partner. The little things are what makes this all worthwhile.

Secret 5 : Be honest and be patient
You're not helping yourself or anybody else by being dishonest. Say what you feel, what you need, what you expect, what you want and how you want it (all with respect of course). It's okay to take someone's hand and to guide him or her through your world. Not everybody has a talent for reading in-between the lines, so don't be shy and just say what you want to say. Also remember that it might take a while before your partner has adjusted him or herself to your needs, so be patient.

I hope this was very helpful...and if it was of any help...then you are oh so welcome (wink). Do let me know what your opinions are because I'll be looking forward to reading those!

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By: Vanessa Danso
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