#LetterToSisters: What I Forgot To Say At Christmas

Dear Sisters,

Happy New Year to all of us and I pray that this year 2016 will be a year of uncommon blessings. I also pray that this will be a year where lots of physiological changes will be made in our lives and a year where we will all come to realize where we belong in the society and also how to positively use ‘the strength of a woman’.

It wasn’t a deliberate act not to wish us Merry Christmas, and I am really sorry for that, especially when I predicted that some guys would hide and reappear in January. I turned out to be the first to do that.

Last year, I predicted the Christmas Husbands but there were so many things I failed to talk about and I am really sorry I didn’t say them. Having been forgiven, we then have to proceed to the ‘koko’ of the matter.

Boredom and online hookups

Maybe you might never have noticed, but there is always this boredom associated with the festive period because most people have travelled and you don’t usually have your friends to talk to or chat with.

This boredom often drives you to try to meet new people and make new friends because it is the only way you can survive. You share things and at times fall in love.

For just a period of ten days, you start feeling like you’ve known the person since January and that’s the magic. He treats you like you are the only one earth, when you are actually the only one online.

The bulk of these online hookups shatter by middle of January when everyone must have returned. Old and normal friends fit back into their spaces and we often struggle to keep these new ones.

I forgot to tell us that we must open our eyes before we hurt someone or get hurt as well.

Xmas one night stands

One night stands happen every day, but there is always something special about those happening during the festive periods. Guys rate girls with it and if you don’t know, some guys set their one night stand targets before coming home.

If you were a victim of this by omission or commission, thank you for adding to the count and know that by next Christmas, you will be seen as an easy target so watch your back on that.

The new hookups

Everything boils down to the new hookups, who often make up a small percentage of the Christmas husbands.

Because the holiday is short and everyone would be travelling back to their bases, you often fast-forward your ‘I will think about it’, and all other shakara you were supposed to do for a guy whom you would be seeing for the next month.

You don’t usually have time to ask yourself if you really want what you are about doing because at the moment you don’t really care if he is Mr. Right, all you care about is that he is Mr. Right Now. You play along because you are sure it will be ending when you travel back to meet your boyfriends in the city.

While you are playing smart, just know that the guy could also be on the same game. Guys always spend for something, none of them is bearded like uncle Santa.

All the ‘Ashebi’ contacts

For those that found themselves in so many weddings as bridal train or ‘Ashebi’, sharing your phone numbers and all of it as the case may be.

One thing certain is that they are going to call this January, so just get ready to manage them, if they have not started calling already.

Guys are smart and you probably gave out your contacts because weddings have been certified as the best place to find a wife or husband and he is probably around that zone in age and looks.

Just use your head, especially when you will start visiting them. Know what you want and what they want from you as well to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Your New Year Resolutions

They should not be as a result of late experiences in the year; they should never be to find a man before the end of January. They should simply be on how to make you a better person.

Most of us will be thinking of better looks, better cloths and just everything about our appearances. Some will be looking at cutting the people they mingle with and what they eat  like alcohol.

But the most important thing is you. How will these things make you a better person? Someone more relevant in the society and how does it make you productive in a way that you don’t need much words to show people you are now a better person?

This is just a year we are supposed to get better, this is a year we are supposed to be happy and thank God for everything we have received.

Sincerely I want to thank those who sent me birthday messages on January 2, 2016, I am glad I can reach all of you.

Yours Faithfully,

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike,

chikisnow@yahoo.com | 08038704454 | Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:HardyNwa | BBM: 56226EE1
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