Marriage: A Social Institution Or A Sacred Sacrament Of Love?

Hello to my gorgeous readers! So today we will be discussing marriage. Yup I said it... marriage. I've been going back and forth on whether I should actually be doing this article, but then I thought, if I can help at least one person than I've done well. Here are some tips you can use to go about dealing with peer pressure and your own confidence and doubts concerning this matter. So here we go! Oh and least I forget, all the beautiful illustrations were created by the insanely talented Ms. Peniel Enchill (source)


It has become very apparent to me that nowadays, getting married has become much more of a mandatory social institution instead of a sacred sacrament between 2 individuals. The reason why I say this is because, for some reason marriage has become associated with age. It's not appropriate for ladies to be unmarried after the age of 30. For men however, that criteria has been placed a bit higher. Now I guess I can somehow understand that for women we do have to consider this thing called biological clock and everything...but should that really be the reason why we should settle for the next best thing that comes our way? I don't think so... Everybody, and I mean everybody on this planet, wants to find that rare thing called true love. The kind of love that induces a production of a whole lot of adrenaline just by the mere thought of this other person...I know I do!


With this I mean, you should try and find happiness with every passing day...forget the fact that you're above society's standard age...and just live a little already! Do things that actually create a sense joy inside of you. Hang out with friends, commit yourself to work or hobbies that you may love doing, such as travelling the world...Anything...just live a little. This is important because the love of your life (who is coming by thy way) is here to add the cherry on top of the awesome cake you have already created...follow me? How is somebody supposed to be adding an exquisite sugary sweet cherry on your cake... if there is no cake to put it on in the first place! Love yourself, do not doubt yourself, and do not cave in just because of peer or social pressure. Find happiness...find joy...and when that person comes along, it'll be that much more sweeter!


Building an awesome world for yourself is extremely important. For those who are in favor of tough love I would say... Get your bizz in order! If you're in uni, focus on it, if you are working on getting that promotion at work, focus on that! With all this I mean, don't just dream your dreams. Dreams do not just come true by doing nothing, but you actually have to work really really hard to make those a reality. Concentrating on building your world will actually remove the focus you have on the marriage pressure. Once you've succeeded in achieving anything you want to achieve, then go ahead and be freaking proud of yourself! Success does not come easy, so when it does, do be proud of yourself! Don't get me wrong though...if you have found your "Ride Or Die" person, then by all whatever floats your boat I would say. Just remember, the love of your life is supposed to add the cherry to cake and not to bake the entire cake...hope you're following.


As the hopeless romantic that I so am, I truly believe in this statement "There Is A Lid For Every Pot". I know that the older you may get, the easier it is to get discouraged...however don't be! True love comes when you least expect it. Do not go looking for it...because it will surely find you... Don't just go ahead and tie the knot for just the sake of social and peer pressure. Know who you are, love who you are, be good to yourself, and give yourself the best of the best not settle! Weddings are beautiful...yep I know...I'll be the first to admit that...but it's not about the wedding's about the marriage. Don't just go ahead and live with someone you can somehow live with and somehow tolerate...but live with the one you absolutely cannot live without! And that should go both ways. A queen is truly better off building her kingdom and waiting for her love than to waste her precious time letting a peasant take over a place reserved for a king. Be patient gorgeous patient.


We have reached the end of the motivational speech lol. If you were able to stick here with me till the very end then well done! I hope this was helpful and insightful. Do trust that a happy ending, however you imagine it to be, will surely come your way, sooner or later. Okay, maybe not "exactly" as you envisoned it...but it'll be worth the wait. Do not worry about the age so is just a number. Find your happiness...find your joy...and everything else will just fall into place in due time. So don't cave into peer or social pressure, allow your marriage to be a sacred sacrament of love originated from a pure place and not a social institution forced on you for all the wrong reasons. Life is way too short to be unhappy. Carpe Diem! Let me know what your thoughts are! And until then...xoxo

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