Valentine: A Day Of Love Or A Time For Debauchery?

I solemnly ask that, "Valentine: A Day of Love or a Time For Debauchery?" This profound question is set to make the court of public opinion murky owing to its enormous dimensions. But let us strive to be frankly objective in our individual analyses for a healthy debate. Okay, the word "Valentine" sounds lovely and special every February, the acclaimed month of love.

There are conflicting legends regarding the origin of Valentine's Day, but they all boil down to the pure statement that it is a day of love. That's the bottom line. Also, the personality behind Val's Day is none other than Saint Valentine, a popular martyr. He was executed under the tyrannical reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II for his unflinching faith in Christ during a time when Christianity was abolished. Again, Valentinus wrote a letter to his daughter, Julia, the day before his martyrdom; and he signed it, saying, "From your Valentine."

However, Saint Valentine's Day has evolved over the centuries though its overriding significance remains intact. Originally, it is a day of love. A day when legitimate couples and loved ones go on unusual dates just to have real fun, all in the name of affection. A day dedicated to exquisite intimacy for love-bound meditation and discussion between partners. A day when many people exchange gifts such as cards, candies, chocolates and flowers. A day for the healing of impaired relationships.

Yes, it is also a day filled with extravagance among rightful couples and loved ones. Valentine's Day was simply meant to celebrate the Valentines among us who can be likened to Saint Valentine, a legendary romantic figure. So who will be your Valentine this Val's Day? I mean, your sweetheart; the love of your life; your soulmate; your hot babe, and the apple of your eye. Confused? Ha-ha, the one who adds peace, subtracts sorrow and multiplies joy in your life.

Unfortunately, the sacred essence of Valentine's Day has been grossly defiled. Presently, the conventional practice on Val's Day is nothing but debauchery to a large extent. Debauchery is a life of immorality in the form of drugs, alcohol and sex. And no one dares gainsay the glaring fact that Saint Valentine's Day is now a time for debauchery.

Condoms and alcoholic drinks will definitely be in great demand. Let me be blunt. Some individuals will copulate for the first time because they wrongly think it is a lawful day for sex. Even some teetotallers will get drunk through the evil influence of corrupt friends. Others too will surely consume drugs on Val's Day just to carry out perverted activities. In a nutshell, folks will display their folly on Valentine's Day. Need I say more?

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