23 Perks Of Dating A Guy Who’s A Kid At Heart

 He treats you like a best friend and partner. When a man can love a woman in a playful, honest way, the opportunities for equality and friendship are endless.

Below are a few tips on dating a guy who is a kid at heart.

    “As long as you know many men are like children, you know everything.”– Coco Chanel

1. He inspires an unparalleled joy in your life and dating him never stops being fun.

2. He treats you like a best friend and partner. When a man can love a woman in a playful, honest way, the opportunities for equality and friendship are endless.

3. He's open to new ideas, new places and new concepts. He's eager to learn. He isn't hardened by judgement or sheer reluctance.

4. You couldn't possibly laugh as hard with someone else if you tried.

5. He's filled with energy.
6. At any point in time you could be picked up, kissed, wrestled to the ground, thrown into a pool or bombarded with a stray piece of food being shoved into your mouth for your opinion. It's always interesting.

7. He's quick to express himself. The witty remarks and outlandish jokes are ceaseless.

8. He will take a regular game over a mind game any day, and has zero interest in playing with the minds of others.

9. He often gives random praise. One time I walked out of the bathroom to my boyfriend and some of our friends, at which time he looked at the others, outstretched a fist for me to 'pound it' and announced, “I gotta hand it to her, my girl is the fastest pee-er.”… Uh, thanks?

10. Finding fun things to do together isn't a challenge.

11. He has an absurdly quick rebound rate. Wait, are you upset? Just kidding. A half an hour and some various snacks have been endured, so you're clearly perfectly fine. Silly me.

12. He's happy to meet the people in your life and quick to make friends with those around you. Being fun and approachable goes a long way with the family and friends; trust me.

13. He can be charmingly oblivious to your feelings but still finds a way to learn something from Planet Girl each time you call him on it in your best, morbidly annoyed mom voice. “Babe, if you tell one more person I'm having '#uterusprobs' I may actually murder your sorry ass on the spot.”

14. Travelling together is an absolute blast.
15. There are a lot of hilarious, public scenes created together, as you pretty much join in at this point.

16. You never, I repeat, NEVER, have to worry about dishonesty with him. He tells you precisely what's on his mind, good or bad. I could write a damn book on this one.

17. He's the absolute best partner for games. The competition doesn't stand a chance.

18. He doesn't take ups and downs too seriously. I can actually say the world is ending on a stressful day and my boyfriend just laughs pleasantly and suggests we go get me an iced tea and soft pretzel … truth be told, this strategy is quite often successful.

19. The level of playfulness between the two of you excludes you from the list of couples that are rather intolerable for group outings.

20. You can get excited about everything together. Everything from restaurant specials to discovering a Frisbee in the garage could be the best thing that ever happened to your Tuesday evening together.

21. He's very rarely angry with you and doesn't have the patience to hold meaningless grudges

22. You're convinced he enjoys taking bad pictures of you more so than good ones. The collection equates to an absurd amount of future laughter and various photos of you shoving pasta into your mouth at dinner or drinking coffee hungover in your kitchen on Saturday mornings.

23. He brings out the parts of you that you may have once forgotten. Life can harden love, but it doesn't have to. Part of being a kid meant being excited just to be alive and indulging in life's magical set of emotions. We should hold on to that magic in our relationships if we can. That's the most important perk of dating someone who's truly a kid at heart. It's the key to happiness.

It's the everyday joy that never gets old, because love shouldn't get old either.

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