10 Easy Ways To Lose ‘Stubborn’ Fat

caloric intake, Keep moving, Eat more protein, Exercise, Add vinegar to your meals, Take up yoga, Cut out the carbs, Only take proven supplements, Believe you can do it.

“I've tried everything to lose weight. And while I managed to lose 2 stones and toned my legs and arms, I can't seem to shift this bit of fat on my hips.”

It's a common complaint. You know you're doing all the right things – dieting, working out and living an overall healthy life – but you just can't seem to shift that bit of nuisance fat.
We call this type of fat stubborn fat, as it's the kind of fat that just won't buzz off even when you're doing everything within your powers.

What you might need to do is lose all your preconceptions and switch up your routine. Let's take a look at 10 easy ways to lose stubborn fat so that your belly looks as amazing as you want it to.
Vary your caloric intake
You might think your diet is ace, and it may very well be. But if you're eating the same foods each day, you're feeding your body the same amount of calories. What happens now is that your body begins to stagnate. Your body fat isn't changing because your caloric intake isn't changing.
It's a good idea to vary your caloric intake, because it keeps your body second guessing. If you consume lots of calories today and very few tomorrow, your body will be kept on its toes.
Moreover, it will be in a prime fat-burning state.
Keep moving
Okay, so you go for a jog most mornings, and sometimes you even go for a swim. Perhaps you cycle on Sundays and head to the gym four nights a week. You move a lot.
But are you moving enough?
Think about all the opportunities for moving throughout the day when you instead choose to sit still. Maybe, for example, you could plant a treadmill next to your computer and respond to emails while working out.
Be creative about how you move, and consider going for a walk immediately after a light lunch as this is a great way to burn calories.
Eat more protein
Perhaps you already eat a fair amount of protein, but now it's time to double down on this essential.
Protein is key to losing stubborn belly fat. As you get older, your body produces more insulin because your fat cells and muscle cells aren't responding to it like they once did. And it is insulin which causes fat storage – particularly around your abdomen!=
The more protein you consume, the more protection you'll have against resistance to insulin.
If you're looking for ways to introduce more protein into your diet, you could gorge on smoothies.
Fixing up your diet is a smart way to lose weight, but your diet alone is not going to be enough to eliminate stubborn fat.
Exercise can help because it targets fat below your skin, which is the fat that impacts the way you look.
And remember: The more you exercise, the more fat you'll lose. But it's also important to note that shorter sessions are more effective than lengthier ones.
Add vinegar to your meals
When I was younger, Friday night always meant fish and chips. My dad would stop off at the local chip shop on the way home and bring us all back a real treat. We all had fish – and well all sprayed the fish with vinegar. It was delicious!
Over the years, the fish and chip shop became a distant memory – and so did vinegar. I associated it with healthy food, such as chips, and stopped eating it.
Until I learned that vinegar is actually really good at helping you shift unwanted body fat.
Try it!
Believe you can do it!
“I've tried everything and I give up. I'm never going to lose that weight in time for the dance. I may as well pig out on a cake. Sigh.”
The problem with stubborn fat is that it just doesn't seem to want to shift, and as such it can easily create a negative attitude. But this kind of negative attitude doesn't help.
If you really believe you can do something, you have a 100% chance of actually achieving it. It's a case of mind over matter, and by behaving like you're going to shift this stubborn fat, you can easily turn your belief into a reality.
Take up yoga
When you first take up yoga, you'll get the usual comments.
“Oh. You're a new-age hippy now?”
Yoga is actually an amazing practice that comes with many benefits, including a reduction in stress levels. But for you right now, it's most potent benefit is that it can help you to lose stubborn fat.
If you really don't fancy taking up yoga, any kind of relaxation exercise should help. Try deep breathing exercises each day, as these will inhibit the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause excess belly fat.
Cut out the carbs
You don't need to eliminate carbs from your diet totally, but too many of us add more carbs even when we don't need them.
It's like adding more fuel to your car even though the tank is almost full!
Sleep More!
If you aren't getting enough sleep, this could be the number one reason why you simply cannot shift visceral fat.
According to a study carried out in 2010 by Wake Forest University, snatching five hours or less of sleep each night can lead to belly fat that is hard to shift.
Instead of working all day and night, give yourself a break by getting at least eight hours underneath the duvet. You deserve it.
Only take proven supplements
If you flip through any health and fitness magazine, you'll see brash, colourful supplement ads that promise you a perfectly sculpted body in weeks if you try their product.
Most supplements don't work, and although no supplements are key to fat loss, there are proven ones that do make a contribution.
Caffeine is a particularly effective supplement that you could add to your stack. It boosts the amount of energy that your body can burn and improves muscle endurance and anaerobic performance.

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