Stop Critisizing Your Own Greatness

Inspired To Unleash the Hidden Potential within You to Achieve Greatness

Inspired To Unleash the Hidden Potential within You to Achieve Greatness

Inspired To Unleash the Hidden Potential within You to Achieve Greatness

You are the only one who has the power either to achieve greatness or stop yourself from achieving greatness – Unknown

The reason why most of us do not succeed is because we criticize our own greatness. We might not realise that this but most of us fall in this trap almost each day. Success is dependent on the quality of your thoughts, words and actions. Today take some time to evaluate your own actions and see if they are adding success to your life or they are stopping you from achieving your goals. Many might ask themselves what is it being a critic. Opening the dictionary you will find many meanings to the word critic but critic is a person who finds fault with something. Having the meaning of the word critic, do you realize how you can easily criticize your own greatness? Telling yourself youwon’t make it, thinking thoughts of misfortune, adversity you create in your own mind. Today you have the opportunity to create the life you want if you stop criticizing your own greatness.

How do we criticize our greatness?

    Our Thoughts

Success begins in the mind-set. –Unknown

Having an understanding that success begins in our mind sets. As you read this take some time to evaluate your thoughts. How have they contributed to your current position in life? Positive thoughts help create a positive life. Negative thoughts create a negative life and criticize your greatness. Do you think you will not make it? Do you sometimes think of giving up? Do you sometimes think you are being haunted by evil? Do you feel people do appreciate your talent and your works? These are all questions you need to ask yourself to truly achieve what you want you may need to stop thinking negative. Negativity only brings the worst from us not the best in us. Do not be a critic of your future by investing in negative thoughts.

I was 16 years old when l realised my ability to motivate people but l criticized myself a lot. I would ask myself a lot of questions such as am l fit for this? Can l make it? Will people listen to me? Can l handle this? Am l a good speaker? The answers to these questions where mostly negative and for a while l never really took action. Today as l look back at this day l realise my own thoughts were stopping m from pursuing my purpose in life.

Your thoughts need to be evaluated carefully for they create or destroy your action course. – Tendai Mungate

Today make it a mandate to work on your thoughts. Because what you think of you bring about. I do not think you would be happy if some negative thoughts became a reality. Thoughts of not making it, thoughts of fear these will not get you anywhere but will just keep you at the same point in life. Replace these thoughts with thoughts of greatness. Thoughts of bliss, thoughts of making it, thoughts telling yourself you can dream of it and make it. Stop being your own enemy. Stop being your own critic. Program your thoughts to be thoughts of creating not criticizing your greatness.

    Our Words

You can change the course of your life with your words. - Anonymous

Today try to assess the words you say to yourself and to others. Have your words been building your greatness? Have they been encouraging you to go through your action course or they are destruction? Some of us are born with greatness within us but our words are not allowing our greatness to manifest. The words we say can either create or destroy our life’s. Words such as you are not able, l will not make it, that is not for me, l do not deserve success, they are better than me so l cannot achieve my goals. HEY! HEY! HEY! Wake up! Negative words are like a parasite once you start using them some become permanent in your life.

Choose words that make an impact on your success life, words such as you are a success, l am able, am the best, am great, l can do it. Positive words pave success in the supernatural and help attract success in the physical. For what you say is what you become. If you have been a negative speaker the time to change is now. Write down a list of positive things you want in your life and begin speaking them. The more you speak about it the more you attract it in your life.

    Our Actions

Your action combined with positive thinking results in success. – Shiv Khera

I have met people that are great at talking but do not bring anything to reality. People who are optimistic about the future but lack action. Optimism without action is failure. People who have the right thought, words but zero action. Not acting on your dream is committing spiritual suicide and another form of criticizing your own greatness. Nothing comes on the table unless you act and work to bring it to reality. So today the question is now on you, is your action course good enough to yield greatness in your own life? Many of us do not have money, houses, cars, dreams and visions we are supposed to have, why? Because we are not acting adequately, some of us do not act at all some act and give up. Giving up is not an option it’s a decision you make and you can either decide not to give up too the decision is yours. Act on that plan, dream, goal and vision there maybe blockages along the way, but use them as learning points and once you learn you get back up and act on your dream.

Success awaits those that follow its principles and acting is one of the main principles that will yield success in your life if followed.

Your success is dependent on you as an individual not anyone else and it is your responsibility to bring it to reality and stop criticizing it because the more you criticize it the lesser it becomes a reality and the more we keep failing at the journey called life.


By:  Tendai Mungate

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