Top Issues You Should Never Discuss At Work

1. Religion
This should be a no-brainer for most. There is just too much volatility and too many people who will not think twice about arguing ‘till they are blue in the face to convince you just how wrong you are.

2. Politics
Some people can’t even live in the same household and discuss politics, so it makes sense that this should be off limits at work.
3. Personal Finances
Do you really want people to know just how broke you truly are? In my opinion, whether you are wearing designer shoes or scrounging to buy a soda, the only one who needs to know what is in your wallet or bank account is you.
4. Sex Life
I don’t care how hot you think you are, nobody in the office wants to hear about your escapades between the sheets, whether it be your husband or wife or whomever. There is nothing worse than becoming the office slut or player.
You might think you are cool, but I guarantee people are either laughing or disgusted whether they say anything to your face or not. Bragging about your after hours excursions will not gain you any points with the boss or anyone else that actually matters so do yourself a favor and keep mum while within the confines of the daily grind we call work.
5. Personal Medical Maladies
Yes you may have legitimate issues you need to make your supervisor aware of, but that is not the kind of thing I am referring to here. I am talking about the things such as ulcers and migraines and chronic fatigue that may make the powers that be a tad bit nervous about your ability to do your job. Unless your issue seriously compromises your work flow, keep it to yourself.
Are there other taboo topics in the work place? There are certainly many things you don’t learn in college, but after nearly a year in the work force, are there other things we should just know by now? Of course, these are the main ones I have discovered since stepping into the crazy working “real world” of PR.

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