How To Reduce Radiation From Mobile Phone Use

Text rather than talk. This pings the mobile phone to the towers within some seconds instead of minutes and minimizes your radiation exposure at all cost.
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Protecting Against Radiation
1. Use the loud speaker on your mobile phone when you can have a public conversation, or hook your mobile phone up to an headphones or earphone to keep it as far from you as possible while still talking on that.

2. Keep your phone charged up. Once the bars are low on your mobile phone it's working harder to capture a signal from the radio towers, which implies that the radiation it receives is even greater. Only make calls when your signal is strong. Think about texting when you can't charge your mobile phone.

3. Text rather than talk. This pings the mobile phone to the towers within some seconds instead of minutes and minimizes your radiation exposure at all cost.

4. Don't talk while you drive. The constant movement means your phone is also trying to make contact with mobile phone towers over and all over again, increasing its frequency, and therefore your radiation exposure. Also, you shouldn't text while driving either – so don't do anything that will distract you while driving!

5. look for low–radiation emitting phones. There's a list of the twenty best phones for low-radiation emissions, one of them is. The Samsung Galaxy Note is at the highest of the list – sorry iPhone users!

6. Go old school. Use a landline. If you're under the age of twenty, you may scoff at this suggestion, but landlines don't expose you to radiation. Wait to speak to your boyfriend at your grandmother's house on her old wall phone. Your brain will thank you.

7. Don't put the mobile phone to your ear until a call connects. Dial on speaker phone and then if you need to talk straight into the phone, only talk once your end-user picks up.

8. Minimize use. Talk less on your phone and you'll be exposed to less radiation. I do know this is a difficult thing to do for some of us. I recently took a vacation for a whole week and was unable to use my mobile phone.

When the first day I had technology withdrawal since i {used to be} so used to having a phone in my hand, however at the moment, it was remarkably peaceful to not have to respond to every little thing within minutes.

9. Keep your mobile phone far from you while sleeping or simply not using your mobile phone. There's no reason for it to be near you if you aren't using it unless you're expecting a call – particularly if you keep it on sound, not vibrate.

10. Lastly, think about investing in some form of radiation protection. There are lot of products out there, like global healing Center's cell phone radiation protector. You'll be able to also shield yourself from radiation in your home by placing a large electromagnetic field protector in the area.
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