Junk Meals And Poor Diet Is Major Contributor To Your Infertility

Rescue Your Fertility from These Medical Issues and Associated Fertility Problems.

Cold hard facts:
1. Drugs, pills and surgeries are aimed to mask the disease and relieve the symptoms. So the goal of modern medicine is symptomatic relief but not intended to cure the disease 100%. As long as you depend on modern medicine you’re still living with the disease you’re treating. You’re still living with side-effects of the pills. Disease will grow. Side effects will grow.
2. The infertility related symptoms/problems including anovulation, heavy periods, irregular periods, prolonged periods, pelvic pain, back pain, miscarriage, IBS, excess androgen, PCOS, tubal blockage, high prolactin levels, loss of libido, mood swings, depression, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis ………. are caused by ONLY ONE DISEASE. i.e. the malfunctioning of cells.
According to one of my medical great... “there is only one disease — cellular malfunction — and all other “diseases” are just labels that tell us the location of the cellular malfunction” Dr. Gary L. Tunsky
3. Cellular malfunctioning is caused by two factors ONLY. 1. Nutritional deficiency 2. Excessive toxic built up. ( caused by environmental & emotional toxins)
4. The only way you can permanently cure cellular malfunctioning is through the right nutrition and reducing the stress and clearing emotional toxins. If you don’t cure your cellular malfunctioning and continuously mask the symptoms eventually disease will appear as life-threatening ailment.
5. Doctors are trained to prescribe medicine and conduct surgeries but they are not trained in nutritional therapy. We can't monitor your nutritional intake.. Only you can! So you can prevent that ailment before you start chasing a cure from a doctor. Master your art of prevention.
6. Modern medical system is therefore most unlikely to protect you from life threatening ailments. You must therefore take responsibility of your nutrition and stress elimination (not stress management). In other words you must be the master of your health.
7. Your body has immense self-healing capacity provided you take care of your nutrition and stress management and clearing emotional toxins.
The inescapable truth based on the above 7 facts is that there is no flaw in your body. Depending on the modern medicine to cure chronic diseases is the flaw. Not waking up the self-healing capacity of your body is the flaw. Believing that some flaw is there in your body is therefore untrue.
Eating right and thinking right will correct cellular malfunctioning and restore healthy cellular functioning. Your disease will disappear and all the symptoms associated with it will also disappear permanently. 
Hence there is a permanent cure with good nutritional therapies. Ladies stop junk meals and excessively seasoned meals. It's the beginning of your health breakdown. Women struggling to get pregnant need to look to their diet now before it's too late.
Eating too much junk food can stop women ovulating..
Men...., Poor diet does more than just shorten your lifespan. ... A famous study of men who visited a fertility medical clinic found that those who ate a diet high in saturated fat such as the meat and dairy served at fast food restaurants ''had 43% fewer sperm'' and it also have a 38% decrease within the concentration of sperm cell. Eat natural, feed right  and avoid Cellular defective diseases.

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By: Dr Oyebade Obalola Jerry
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