Customer Appreciation Helps Grow Your Business; Here's How To Do It Right

This will make them feel like a VIP. Provide them with a cup of tea occasionally or surprise them by giving a gift card to the local cafe.
Gone are the days when the customer was treated like a royal. Having said that, some smart businessmen have retained this fading art and have managed to win people over with simplicity and genuine care.

These small gestures mean a lot to the loyal customer and go a long way in making him feel comfortable when doing business with them.

Customers do not abandon a dealer or a company for price or insufficient service. They leave when they feel neglected and find they are being treated indifferently. With a surge in stores all over the world, it has become imperative to show customer appreciation, as the options for buying are increasing day by day.

To really stand out from the crowd, one must make the customer feel that he is always right. Here are four ways to woo a customer without having to spend a lot of money.

Handwritten note
You probably did this every day while in school, but in the digi savy world of today, a brief note written by hand sends a strong message to the customer that you are someone special.

A note can be either an expression of thanks, warm wishes on an occasion, or just information on any upcoming event at the store. Whether they respond or not is not an issue. What is certain that they will always remember you.

Make him feel like a king
Loyal customers should be rewarded for their frequent visits by showering special treatment upon them. This can be done in many simple ways. For example, if you are introducing a new product, let your loyal customers view it first before anyone else.

This will make them feel like a VIP. Provide them with a cup of tea occasionally or surprise them by giving a gift card to the local cafe.

Neglect no one
Excellent customer service demands that all customers be treated equally. Though in practice it is a bit tough especially when a grouchy customer is on hand, keeping your brand popular retains customer loyalty.

Simple actions like greeting them on arrival, make a lot of difference, and help in maintaining a cordial atmosphere. Indulging in small talk with your patrons to determine their likes and dislikes. This valuable information will provide further impetus to your business in surging forward.

Choose a customer of the day
There is no better way to improve traffic to your outlet by attracting customers with a surprise linked with money saving offers. By choosing a customer of the day and posting the picture in the store will encourage not only him but others as well to future and frequent visits.

Another imaginative way is to reward every 50 th customer with a gift. It may be just a small discount or a complimentary drink, but it is the thought behind it which will be widely appreciated. Give him a reason to return, and you can be sure your business will flourish.

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