Urinary Tract Infection Is No Joke. Kill It!

Most women have gotten a UTI by the age of 25.
Most women have gotten a UTI by the age of 25.

The reality is women are more likely to get vaginal infections because of how we are built. We mostly contract infections either because of sexual intercourse, not cleaning up, diet or because we share things like towels which is where some bacteria thrives.

One of the most annoying infections to have is a urinary tract infection mainly because it can get painful and uncomfortable, here are the reasons you're probably still getting the infection.

1. You're not peeing after sex
After having too much sex your urthera may get inflamed which is known as cystitis. This is because the penis basically pushes up bacteria up your bladder and the next thing you have an infected bladder. Basically just pee after having sex.

2. You're using too many vaginal products
I understand you're trying to make your vagina smell good and you may think that vaginal products will help you but it really won't. Vaginas are self cleaning so when you use these products you end up messing with your good bacteria so you're better off cleaning your vagina like any other part of your body.

3. You don't control the infection when you feel it coming
When you start feeling a burning sensation you might as well start treatment.Your doctor is your guru when it comes to figuring out which treatments will keep your bladder happiest, so be sure to see one within a few days of when you feel like you may be getting a UTI.

4. You have more bad bacteria than good ones
You always need to balance the bacteria down there. Make sure you took foods like yogurt to help, keep your towels and panties clean and no matter what, always pee after sex.

5. You don't drink enough water
You’re basically dehydrated hence why you keep getting a UTI. Peeing helps flash bacteria away so when you keep pee for too long you're basically holding in bacteria. If your urine is too dark then you need to drink more water to keep a healthy bladder and kidney.

Remember you only have one body and that is the one you need to take care of. When it comes to avoiding urinary tract infections it is all about the small things, pee when you need to, drink a lot of water and eat well as well.

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