Is God Truly Difficult To Serve?

The other day, i over heard some people saying God is difficult to serve. But the truth is the doctrines they used on people and not God himself. They make look as if God is trying to enslave people, to the extent that they can't accept the truth easily. 

It is just like the way the evil forces use their powers to enslave people in spiritual rhymes. Even when you present a solution to save them from it, they still won't listen or accept to be saved. All you need to understand about God is written in your Bible and not the doctrines of your church.

You just need to meditate on it and understand it on your own, not what some people present to you in their own way and guide it with different things entirely in the name of doctrine. Some of those doctrines will misguide you to hell fire if you fail to know the truth. In those days, people are born with the title called (prophet).

But now a days, it is easy to obtain the power by grace. I mean when you ask for it and also, surrender yourself to God completely. Sincerely speaking, you will receive it. But not everybody that calls themselves prophets, receives the power from God. That's another thing you should have in mind.

Seriously, God is not difficult to serve. It is we humans are making it difficult for each other, by manipulating people with the word (doctrine) which is not in line with what is written in the Bible, that's what makes it to look very difficult to serve God.

You need to search and find God yourself, which is by reading the Bible yourself and not by listening to your pastor's preaching every Sunday alone. You will know within yourself, that God is truly easy to serve than how some people present it to be.
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